Knight Bridgade Leader of the Apocalypse, Gratos

Knight Brigade Leader of the Apocalypse, Gratos

Card No. D-BT04/0033EN Card Type Monster
World Darkness Dragon World Attribute Black Knight / Deep / Hundred Demons
Size 3 Defense 4000
Critical 3 Power 9000
Ability/Effect ■[Call Cost][Pay 3 gauge & Put one or more 《Black Knight》 from your field and up to four 《Black Knight》 from your drop zone into this card's soul]
■[Counster] 【Act】 Choose a monster or item from your opponent's field and you may put cards from the soul of this card on the bottom of your deck in any order equal to or more than the critical of that card. If you do, destroy that card.
Flavor Text Gather once again, Knights of the Apocalypse. In order to bring destruction to the world
Illustrator 前河悠一