It's Here, the NEW Suit!

It's Here, the NEW Equipment!

Expansion Triple D Climax Booster Pack: Dragon Fighters
Card No. D-CBT/0098EN Card Type Spell
World Hero World Attribute Enhance
Size Defense
Critical Power
Ability/Effect ■Counter Choose a 《Superhero》 in battle, and for this battle, give it power+2000 and defense+2000. Then, if you are Transform into that card, for this battle, give it power+4000 and defense+4000!
Flavor Text Right!? Master Masked Vantage is so splendid, isn't he!? You can transform into Masked Vantage too and if you equip this "Scattered Rose Sword", you'll get 1 nanometer closer to that graceful form as long as you work hard till you cough up blood――.
Illustrator 江東(PandaGraphics)