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Extra pack / Extra booster - Hundred Extra Booster Vol. 1: Miracle Impack!

Card No. Card Name Card Type World Q&A
H-EB01/0001EN Armorknight Archangel Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0002EN Blue Knight, Noboru Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0003EN Legendary Messiah, Tasuku Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0004EN Emergency Launch! Decker Drum Hero World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0005EN Super Combidragon, Brainbaltes Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0006EN Armorknight Iblis Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0007EN Infinite Armament, Dangerous Cradle Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0008EN Death Master, Lelag Monarch Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0009EN Province Baron, Shido Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0010EN Mech Army Demon Lord, Agos Marh Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0011EN King's Wave, Caliburn Grief Legend World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0012EN Red Warrior, Road Blader Hero World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0013EN Dragon Secret Arts, Dragonic Resurrection Dragon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0014EN Battle Aura Dragon, Extreme-Aura Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0015EN Battle Dragon Slaying Crush Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0016EN Unyielding Spirit Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0017EN Battle Dragon Bursting Charge! Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0018EN Shredding Battle Wall Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0019EN Judge Asmodai's Super Impartial 3 Rounds, Rock! Paper! Scissors! Magic World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0020EN New-Era Great Spell, The Creation Magic World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0021EN Ninja Arts, Art of Bursting Machine Gun Katana World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0022EN Dragon's Life and Death, Future and Past! Ancient World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0023EN Hades Dragon Chief, Red Arrogant Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0024EN Dragon Tooth Warrior Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0025EN Bronze Golem, Jaish Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0026EN Hidden Crossbow Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0027EN Adventurer's Staff, Alcsbane Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0028EN Phoenix Radiation! Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0029EN Asgard Saga Legend World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0030EN Violence Familiar! Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0031EN Unmovable Steel Mech, Ganzallar Hero World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0032EN Prepped and OK to Launch! Hero World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0033EN Determination of the Fist Fighter, Grapple Soul Dragon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0034EN Armorknight Centaur Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0035EN Armorknight Salamander Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0036EN Sibling Dragon, Foonbaltes Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0037EN Armorknight Ogre "A" Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0038EN Armorknight Jetfighter Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0039EN Sibling Dragon, Kibaltes Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0040EN Infinite Demon Slay Slash Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0041EN Training of Skill and Life Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0042EN Spear of Will, Agito Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0043EN Demon Arms Door, ArMoreD Gate! Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0044EN Demon Way, Ukishizumi Ikusabune Katana World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0045EN Charge of Virtuous Blood! Ancient World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0046EN Diamond Golem, Fluud Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0047EN Steel Golem, Futoff Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0048EN Trouble Ghost, Shuffler X Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0049EN Iron Golem, Nasr Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0050EN Swordsman of the East, Zanya Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0051EN Apprentice Ninja, Akatsuki Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0052EN Entangle Roper Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0053EN Quiescence of Cassiade Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0054EN Mission Card "THE Teamwork" Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0055EN Fortune Select! Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0056EN Dark Interment, Over the Grudge Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0057EN White Valor, Lord Takuto Hero World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0058EN That is an Afterimage Hero World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0059EN Rock Splitter Sword, Gaia Crush! Hero World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0060EN Emergency Trans! Hero World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/0061EN Emergency Launch! Decker Drum Hero World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/S001EN Armorknight Iblis Danger World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/S002EN Legendary Messiah, Tasuku Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/S003EN Phoenix Radiation! Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/★☆☆☆☆EN Dragon World - ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/☆★☆☆☆EN Danger World - ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/☆☆★☆☆EN Magic World - ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/☆☆☆★☆EN Katana World - ≫ Q&A
H-EB01/☆☆☆☆★EN Dungeon World - ≫ Q&A

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