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Check this out, yo! A Magic World feature

January 4, 2016

Welcome to the very first Buddyfight Buzz article of 2016! We hope you’ve had a fun-filled 2015 playing Future Card Buddyfight, and that you’ll continue to enjoy the game in the New Year!

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In last week’s article, it was revealed that one of the most popular Worlds as voted you Buddyfighters out there is Magic World, so today we’ll be bringing you some insights on building a Magic World deck! Specifically, we’ll be taking a look at what kind of spells you’d want to play in a Magic World deck (it IS called Magic World, after all! :P).

As every Buddyfighter knows, spells are an integral part of a deck. While your monsters are usually the ones carrying you to victory, your choice of spells as well as the way you use them can greatly affect the outcome of a game. This is all the more important in between games, where you can choose what cards to sideboard to create a favorable matchup against your opponent’s deck, or to deal with specific threats that your opponent has in his or her deck. A skilled Buddyfighter is prepared for all situations!

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I’m just messing with you!

Magic World has numerous [Counter] spells that don’t directly destroy the opponent’s monsters, but instead sends them back to the hand, or gauge. These have become somewhat of a trademark of the World, with several different types of spells catered to doing just this. While it is not a permanent solution, it can prevent one attack’s worth of damage, and, when used at the right time, can throw a large wrench in your opponent’s plans. “Magical Goodbye” and “Oops!” are the best choices for this, and they both have the added versatility of being able to target your own monsters. “Oops!”, at the cost of 2 gauge, is able to hit a wider range of targets compared to “Magical Goodbye”, and is ideal for getting rid of pesky Set spells, or for removing Items.

An alternative that you can also consider is “Bye Bye Later!”, a spell that can send any monster to its owner’s gauge. While it sounds like a boon for the opponent, keep in mind it can also be cast on your own monsters when you are in dire need of gauge – when you’re trying to finish the game with “Diabolical Hardcore!”, for instance!

In addition, Magic World also has spells that nullify the opponent’s spells, or the call of opponent’s monsters. These nullifications, when done at the right time, can puncture the opponent’s momentum and slow him or her down enough for you to get your own game going. “Abra Cadabra!” is the go-to spell for this, but “Magic School, Sephirot” can be an option as well if your deck can sustain discarding hand cards for its effect, and if you play enough Art attribute cards. “Begone!!” is another bread-and-butter card to nullify calls of key monsters of size 2 or lesser. Both “Abra Cadabra!” and “Begone!!” are rather costly, however, and would benefit greatly from spells that can help the player gain more gauge.

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Going for the win!

Magic World spells are not all about messing with your opponent’s plans, though. There are several tricky spells that the player can use to either attack more times in one turn, or even to punch a hole in the opponent’s defenses! One of those spells that can let a player attack more times in a turn is “Check It Out!”, which creates one additional attack for the turn. Remember, calling a monster to the field in this way also triggers automatic effects like “Demon Lord, Asmodai”’s Dangerous Backdrop! and “Ideal Girl, Mary Sue”’s All Mine, too! You can call a unit from your hand that suits your needs at that point in time, which further increases this card’s strengths. You can even put up a massive defensive wall, like “Second Omni Demon Lord, Asmodai” in the center to attack, and to defend yourself at the same time. The card art does feature Asmodai, after all!

If you’re looking for something to clear your opponent’s field, there’s the devastating “Power Ray Maximum” that removes the toughest monsters on your opponent’s field. You can open up for a full turn of direct damage with this card, and if used in conjunction with “Check It Out!” or “Great Spell, Saturday Night Devil Fever”, you could potentially clinch a victory there and then!

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Hold up, there!

No world is complete without defensive spells, and Magic World offers bog-standard options in “It’s All Cool!” and “Solomon’s Shield”. “It’s All Cool!” can only be used if you do not have a monster in the center, and “Solomon’s Shield” cannot be used to nullify link attacks, but they each have their own strengths and complement each other nicely. Another option for defense is Chillax!, which reduces the next instance of damage taken to 0 while also recovering 1 life at the cost of 1 gauge. Do remember that disruptive spells like “Magical Goodbye” and “Bye Bye Later!” can also be used defensively, so you actually have more options when you’re under attack than just these 3 spells!

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Gotta keep dancin’!

Two key resources in Future Card Buddyfight are hand cards, as well as gauge. In order for you to be able to call your strongest monsters to the field, you’ll need to be able to draw into them, as well as have the gauge to be able to call them to the field, so “Nice One!”, “Key of Solomon, First Volume” and “Key of Solomon, Second Volume” are some of the best options for this. You probably wouldn’t go wrong if you include a copy of “Never Say Never” in your deck, either! If you’re playing a 72 Pillars deck, you can also consider “Mind of Hardcore”!

There are still many other spells that are available to Magic World players and are viable for play, like “Great Spell, Auld Lang Syne”, “Kosher”, or “Overstand!”. Try some of these cards out, mix and match unconventional spells and weave your own spell combos!

Personally, my favorite spell is “Check It Out!”, mainly because Asmodai is on it, but also because I believe that the best defense is a strong offense!

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That’s it for today’s Magic World feature! Next week’s article will be a super special feature, which will be published on Friday, Jan 15. Yes, next week’s Buddyfight Buzz will be published on Friday instead of Monday and we promise we won’t let you down! We reserved that day for this very special feature article. Stay tuned for the big surprise!

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