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Q&A (Updated: December 30, 2016)

Have questions or seek clarifications on certain card effects or ruling?

Visit our database for clarifications on rules, card effects and more! Read up on questions and answers on specific cards and rulings.

Irregulars List (Updated: October 5th, 2020)

The Irregulars List comprises of “irregular cards” – cards which strength far exceeds expectations, and have made a significant impact on the game. As such, these cards will be placed in the Irregulars List. The Irregulars List applies to all officially sanctioned Future Card Buddyfight Tournaments.

Click here for the Irregulars List

Errata (Updated: June 3rd, 2021)

When there are error on cards due to ruling changes, misprints, or any other reason, the correct text will be listed on this page. The correct text is applied for all tournaments and card fights.

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Tutorial Application

New to Future Card Buddyfight? Learn Future Card Buddyfight with the tutorial application!
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Detailed Rules

   ■ Detailed Rules of “Future Card Buddyfight” Ver.3.10.1 [PDF] (Updated: 5th October, 2020)
The flow rules inside this file are more detailed compared to the rule book. As there have been many enquiries regarding these matters, they are specifically stated here. Please refer to this file for any queries and doubts regarding the rules of Future Card Buddyfight.

   ■ Bushiroad TCG Advanced Floor Rules Ver.1.12 [PDF] (Updated on May 31, 2018)
Floor rules ensure the fairness and completeness of our tournaments. Every participant is required to abide by the floor rules so that tournaments are run fairly and smoothly for all players to enjoy themselves. Any individual who interferes with the fairness or completeness of our tournaments would be penalized according to the penalty guidelines written in these rules. Bushiroad reserves all right to take further action if deemed necessary.

Penalty (Updated: 10th January, 2020)

This section contains information about penalties given to tournament participants who do not abide by the tournament floor rules.

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