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[Season 5] Future Card Buddyfight Ace


The ten parallel realms connected to Earth are known as Worlds. And at long last, the time to decide the Worlds’ Number One has come!

Gao Mikado, a sixth-grader from Aibo Academy elementary division, has been chosen to represent Dragon World in the World Buddy Masters tournament. Guided by a messenger who claimed to be Saint Holy Sword Dragon, Gao went to Dragon World itself in search of his new Buddy! As if that was not an adventure enough, Gao interfered with the seal on an ancient shrine and released a forbidden monster! Known as the Demon Lord Dragon, Batzz, this forbidden monster had once devastated the continent of Dragon World. Batzz is a tyrannical monster which pays no heed to anyone. Yet, Gao believes he can become Buddies with even such a monster, and entered the tournament with him.

Ten representatives from ten Worlds.
One legendary Mirage Card that is bestowed to the winner.
An organization plotting for the legendary card, led by a man called Wisdom.

What will Gao, and his new buddy, Batzz get themselves into this time!?
Follow their adventures in the animation!

[Season 4] Future Card Buddyfight X

[Season 3] Future Card Buddyfight Triple D


Immerse further to the world of Future Card Buddyfight through the animation!

Gao Mikado, a 6th grade student of the Aibo Academy Elementary School, partnered with the baby Sun Dragon, Bal to earn the coveted title as the strongest fighter in the world. Gao and Bal team up to challenge other fighters in the “World Buddy Cup” tournament. Their rivals include the Buddy Police Tasuku Ryuenji, and the self-proclaimed strongest combination, Gaito Kurouzu and his buddy monster Black Death Dragon, Abygale.

Meanwhile, evil-doers are aiming to acquire Bal’s special abilities. Kyoya Gaen, and his formidable buddy monster Demonic Demise Dragon, Azi Dahaka are up to no good. What could they possibly be aiming for? And why are they seeking this “Ultimate Dragon Power”?

With the passionate shout of an impact call, let the power of the impact monsters be known!
Now let’s raise the flag!

★ ★ ★

Get to know the main characters!


[Season 2] Future Card Buddyfight 100

[Season 1] Future Card Buddyfight