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Buddyfight Ace Animation
Buddyfight Ace Animation
With a new season comes new characters, new buddies, and new storylines!

The protagonist of Buddyfight Ace is Yuga Mikado! You might find the name Mikado familiar because… that’s the son of the Mighty Sun Fighter, Gao Mikado!

Yuga is known as the “Ace of Gaming” as he is extremely talented in games. But, he has never had any experience with card games. Buddyfight is his very first card game!

How did Yuga come in contact with Buddyfight? And how did he meet his buddy, Gargantua Dragon?

Find out more in the animation!

Channel Region Time
Youtube All except Japan Every Saturday at 8:30am (JST)
Japanese-dubbed episodes with English subtitles
English-dubbed episodes
Crunchyroll All except Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia Every Friday at 4:30pm (PST)
Japanese-dubbed episodes with English subtitle
OKTO Singapore Every Sunday at 10:00am (SGT)
5th Season
Future Card Buddyfight Ace

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4th Season
Future Card Buddyfight X

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3rd Season
Future Card Buddyfight Triple D

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2nd Season
Future Card Buddyfight 100

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1st Season
Future Card Buddyfight

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