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Future Card Buddyfight FAQ #1

April 25, 2016

Ever had a dispute with your friends about card effects? Or have you maybe been dreaming up your next big combo, and aren’t sure if it would work? Perhaps you’ve been kept awake at night because an unprecedented scenario happened recently at one of your local tournaments?

Look no further, for we are here to provide you succour.

In this column, we’ll be going through a few questions that Buddyfighters around the world have been asking that aren’t covered in the Q&A database. Hopefully this helps to clear up some of the doubts you guys have been having, and we hope you can use this knowledge to simultaneously improve your own skills, and to help inform and educate other players!

[FAQ no. 1]
Great Fate, Frozen Stars vs. Duel Sieger “Spartand” & Duel Sieger “Tempest Enforcer”

The premiere Ancient World monster, “Martial Arts Dragon Emperor, Duel Sieger“, has the ability to “evolve” into a newer form each time it is defeated. As all of its forms are extremely powerful monsters, they also have a major drawback, which is the [Lifelink] ability. Summoning an “evolved” form of Duel Sieger will allow the player to temporarily bypass this drawback by nullifying it as part of the cost to summon either “Duel Sieger “Spartand”” or “Duel Sieger “Tempest Enforcer”“?.

But what happens when the [Lifelink] is already nullified by cards such as the dreaded “Great Fate, Frozen Stars“?

Unfortunately for the Dragon Lords, if their [Lifelink] was already nullified beforehand, you cannot nullify it again. This would also mean that – since the nullifying of [Lifelink] is a part of the call cost of both “Duel Sieger “Spartand”” and “Duel Sieger “Tempest Enforcer”” – the call cost of those monsters cannot be paid, and they cannot be called to the field. Legend World is truly a terrible matchup for Duel Sieger decks!!

★ ★ ★

[FAQ no. 2]
Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum & Dragoguts!

Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum” packs explosive firepower that is extremely useful in a Dragon World deck, so it’s no surprise that many players have decided to use it in the recent Buddy Challenge tournaments!

Most of the abilities of monsters in a Fifth Omni Dragon World deck activate when the player takes damage. It stands to reason, then, that players would want to play cards that can deal damage to themselves, and cards that can gain life. “Dragoguts!” is one of those cards – and it does both! By taking 1 damage, the player can gain 3 life, for a total net gain of 2 life. While this does seem like a miniscule amount, every point of life counts, and that 2 life could save you from certain defeat!

The question that we’ve been asked a few times is the interaction between these 2 cards; “Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum“’s effect activates when you take damage and when your life is 6 or less, so if I were at 6 life with “Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum” on the field and I cast “Dragoguts!“, will I get to destroy an opponent’s monster on the field?

The answer is, unfortunately, no. Although “Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum“’s automatic ability does activate due to you taking 1 damage, “Dragoguts!” must resolve before you can resolve “Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum“’s ability. This would put you at 8 life by the end of the effect. Since “Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum“’s ability requires the player to have 6 or less health, the ability cannot resolve.

To further clarify on this, the trigger condition for this ability is “when you are dealt damage”, and the requirement for it to resolve is “if your life is 6 or less”. The ability is triggered when the condition is met, but the requirement will only be checked during the resolution of the effect.

★ ★ ★

[FAQ no. 3]
Impact Monsters Called Via Effect

Impact monsters are all the rage now with the coming of Future Card Buddyfight Triple D! We’ve also received a veritable deluge of emails asking about impact monsters, and one of the most popular questions revolve around calling impact monsters to the field via card effects, such as through “INV Second Omni Demon Lord, Death Asmodai” or “Speed of Light, Tri Elements“.

This ruling is covered in our detailed rules! Take a look at the excerpt below:

You can call any number of impact monsters to the field via effects during any phase, but you can only normal call an impact monster once during the final phase.

And that’s it for our first Future Card Buddyfight FAQ! We’ll be covering more FAQ in the future, so do stay tuned!

If you have any burning questions about card rulings, do feel free to drop us a line as sg_support@bushiroad.com!

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