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Introducing the Dragon Chief Army! A Card Review

July 18, 2016

Users and fans of the Ancient World, you must be excited with the release of the Triple D Trial Deck Vol. 1: Dragon Emperor of the Colossal Ocean last Friday! If you’re a new player who loves massive, mighty monsters, this Trial Deck is definitely for you. It also includes a life counter, a rule book, and a playmat; all the essentials to get you started! Veterans will enjoy the newly added monsters and support cards, too!

Set sail sailors! Into new frontiers!

This Trial Deck features cards used by Dai Kaido, a very strong Buddyfighter who was a huge challenge to many other characters in the animation. Having colossal monsters as his aides, it certainly isn’t surprising that Dai Kaido is one of the strongest Buddyfighter around.

Without further ado, let’s get into today’s showcase!

★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ Behold the Strength of the Dragon Chief!

Colossal Ocean Chief, Duel Jaeger

Presenting to you the Dragon Emperor Chief himself, Duel Jaeger! The card boasts a strong stats of 8000 Attack Power and 6000 Defense Power, packed with a critical power of 3. Also, it has [Penetrate] and [Soulguard] abilities, which will pierce through any solid defense your opponent has set up without much worries!

Great Ocean Diety Duel Jaeger, “Seazarion”

Here comes “Great Ocean Diety Duel Jaeger, “Seazarion””, one of the evolutions of “Duel Jaeger”! You can call it out when your Size 3 《Dragon Chief Emperor》 monster is in the line of danger. Not only does it provide additional protection for “Colossal Ocean Chief, Duel Jaeger” himself, it also punishes your opponent by destroying a monster he or she controls. With its incredible stats and [Double Attack] ability, this monster is not to be underestimated!

★ ★ ★ The Dragon Chief Never Falls!

Chief of Wind, Messenger Jin

If your 《Dragon Chief Emperor》 card is destroyed , leave it to Messenger Jin to allow the comeback of your Size 3 《Dragon Chief Emperor》. When this card appears on the field, it allows the player to retrieve any Size 3 《Dragon Chief Emperor》 from the Drop Zone and returns it to your hand.

Dragon Within the Ocean

Worried about not having a 《Dragon Chief Emperor》 in your hand? Fear not, just by paying 1 Gauge and 1 Life, “Dragon Within the Ocean” allows you to search your deck for any one Size 3 《Dragon Chief Emperor》 and add it to your hand.

★ ★ ★ Supported Reprints

Dragon Emperor Legend, Rise & Fall of Dragons

Highly sought out cards such as “Dragon Emperor Legend” and “Rise & Fall of Dragons” are also making a comeback in this Trial Deck, with brand new artworks. Having strong compability with most “Ancient World” cards, these two will make a great addition to both old and new “Ancient World” decks.

That concludes today’s showcase of the Ancient World cards! This Trial Deck is geared for both new and existing players who want to explore Ancient World, so make sure you’ve got your set!

Triple D Trial Deck Vol. 1: Dragon Emperor of the Colossal Ocean now on sale!

Let us know what you think about these new cards and tune in next week, as we’ll be featuring key cards from the Triple D Booster Set 2: Roar! Invincible Dragon!!.

Until next week! BUDDYFIGHT!

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