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Card Review: Entering the 4 Dimensions – 2nd Dimension

August 26, 2016

Hi Buddyfighters! We will once again be featuring some of the new cards from the Triple D Booster Pack Alternative Vol.2 (D-BT02A) “Four Dimensions” that will be available on September 23rd!

Step into the new worlds with D-BT02A “Four Dimensions”!

Today, we are previewing cards from D-SS02 used by Kakeru Futaboshi, a character introduced in the recent episodes of the Future Card Buddyfight Triple D animation!

Who is Kakeru Futaboshi?

“O’ deity of guidance that presides over the stars… Show me the path towards worlds yet unseen!
Luminize, Star Form Guidepost!”

– Kakeru Futaboshi

Kakeru Futaboshi is a professor who joined the WBC Cup tournament as a medical doctor specializing in healing monsters. He is still an apprentice, so his treatment often causes more harm than good. Kakeru is currently playing a Legend World deck and his buddy monster is “Hollowed Arms, Zodiac” – the same as Dr. Gara’s Buddy.

What are Dual World Cards?

Dual World Cards are cards that can be used in decks that match either of the worlds stated on the card. For example, a Star Dragon World/Legend World Dual World Card can be used in either Star Dragon World decks, or Legend World decks! Other than Star Dragon/Legend Dual World cards, we have other combinations such as Ancient/Dragon and Dungeon/Ancient. Do keep a lookout for these unique cards and expand your possibilities in deck construction!

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(Click on the cards to view the larger images and check out the card effects!)

★ Shine your path to victory with these featured cards! ★

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the cards used by Kakeru Futaboshi!

Hollowed Arms, Zodiac

Not only is “Hollowed Arms, Zodiac” is a buddy monster of Dr. Gara, but he is Kakeru’s as well! Belonging to the new Dual World card series, it comes with a strong ability based on what world you are playing for. By paying 1 Life when this monster attacks, you are able to destroy a monster on the field if you are using Star Dragon World OR return a monster on the field to its owner’s hand if you are using Legend World. Its signature ability [Gravity Rest] forces your opponent’s monster to be in [Rest] when it enters the field, which can help to stop deadly attack combinations. This ability helps to shut down Impact monsters as well!

Future Astrology

A nice spell which provides utility for any decks that contains cards with 《Star》 and 《Neodragon》 attributes. By paying 1 gauge, this card allows the user to draw one card when you have cards with 《Star》 or 《Neodragon》 trait on your field. If you have cards with both attributes like “Hollowed Arms, Zodiac” on the field, you can draw two cards! Also, you can use its [Counter] ability to allow your flag to be treated as both Legend World and Star Dragon World for that turn. This allows the Dual World Cards to fully showcase their full potential.

Star Pole Sword, Estrela

When you have a “Zodiac” monster on your field, all your Size 2 or less 《Star》 monsters become Size 0, which enables the user to call more monsters and perform more attacks. Also, this card can still attack when there is a monster protecting you in the center!


Align! Guardian of the Stars!

There are new support cards for the 《Star》 attribute from Legend World unveiled in this set as well.

Gemini Starsentinel, Gemios & Aquarius Starsentinel, Aquario

Gemini Starsentinel, Gemios” can allow more offensive pressure with its [Double Attack], allowing you to clear out your opponent’s field faster. On the other hand, “Aquarius Starsentinel, Aquario” allowa the player to gain 1 gauge for each 《Star》 monster on your field. You can use these cards in conjunction with “Hollowed Arms, Zodiac and “Star Pole Sword, Estrela” to gain full advantage of these abilities.

Sentinels of the Stars

Sentinels of the Stars” can be used when you have a 《Star》 monster on your field. By adding two gauges and an additional life when you discard a card from your hand, this card can increase your survival rate in the game!

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That conclude today’s showcase of these cards from D-BT02A “Four Dimensions”! Tune in to the next article for upcoming cards from this set, as we will venture into more dimensions unexplored!


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