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February 8, 2017

What’s up, Buddyfighters! Over the past few months, the Buddyfight team has been planning and preparing a slew of updates for our beloved Buddyfight community. And today, we’re super excited that we’re finally able to share them with you!

★ ★ ★

Last Campaign to round up the Triple D Season!

First up! Coming very soon is the Triple T Campaign! When you purchase any 5 Buddyfight booster packs or 1 Trial Deck, you will be entitled to one very special PR card! This campaign will start on March 1st, hitting most Bushiroad Official Stores! More information will be released soon, so do look forward to our updates!

This is our way of saying, “Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!” to the Buddyfight community who has been giving us their support all this while. There are a total of 12 different PR cards, so be sure to collect ’em all! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


The new season is around the corner!

YES!! There is a new season of Future Card Buddyfight animation coming in April 2017! What were you expecting!? Gao’s journey as a Buddyfighter continues! And in this new season, a Demon Lord Dragon enters the fray!! What awaits the fate of Gao and friends…?!! Check out the teaser video below!

What’s more, for this new season, the English-dubbed version will be coming back! Follow Gao on his new adventure, coming soon on our official YouTube channel and Crunchyroll!

Dash through your brand new journey with the Start Dash Campaign!

The fourth installment of Future Card Buddyfight brings you not only a brand new season of animation, but also brand new cards, and that includes our ever-popular start decks! To celebrate this launch, we are running a Start Dash Campaign. When you buy both start decks, SD01 “Demon Lord Dragon of Tempest” & SD02 “Dragon Fielder”, you are entitled to one set of limited edition PR cards while stocks last! Don’t say we didn’t warn you: this is very limited. This campaign starts from April 21st, so be prepared to start dashing to the nearest Bushiroad official stores to get your start decks soon!

The first booster set releases together with the start decks!

Did you really think we’d let you enjoy the fourth installment of Buddyfight with only start decks? Of course not! The first booster of this installment, BT01 “The Dark Lord’s Rebirth”, will go on sale on the same date as the start decks on April 21st! So now you not only get a strong pre-constructed start deck, but you can also start customizing it with the new powerful cards from the first booster pack!

AND! AND! AND! That’s not all. A limited edition PR card (out of 6 in total!) will also be included in each display of this booster pack. These PR cards feature never-seen-before character flags, new monsters, and more!

With so many new cards and campaigns, it’s a card festival, festival! And speaking of festival…

The biggest ever [Vanguard x Buddyfight Ultra Big Card Fes!!!] taking place on Golden Week!

This year’s Ultra Big Card Fes in Japan is happening on May 5-7! As part of the massive Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Festival, this year’s event is going to be bigger than ever!!! Buddyfighters in Japan, be sure not to miss it! There’ll be contests, giveaways, and more! For more info, click here.

Buddyfighters in the USA, fear not…

Vanguard x Buddyfight Grand Festival is coming to USA this summer!

…because a Grand Festival will be held in California, USA from July 1st to 2nd!!! There will also be giveaways and contests going on, so if you’re in the area, don’t miss it!! For more info, click here.

Exclusive, limited-edition goods coming soon!

Of course, we have exclusive goods joining the line up! These limited edition Buddyfight merchandise will be available at the Vanguard x Buddyfight Ultra Big Card Fes!!! in Japan and the Vanguard x Buddyfight Grand Festival in the USA. More details will be revealed soon, so keep a lookout to our updates!

And lastly, the event that avid Buddyfighters have been waiting for…


A new year demands for a new Buddyfight Champion! As you might know, this is an international competition held worldwide. Join the Shop Challenge, fight your way to the top in your country at the Regional Championship… and then you will secure yourself a seat in the the World Finals! For more info, click here.

Pictured above are the prizes you get simply by joining the Buddyfight events! Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on them!!

In last year’s World Championship, we witnessed the birth of a Buddyfight World Champion–Panos Sotiropoulos from Greece!! Who will it be this year!? Will you, like Panos, find the key to claim this title for yourself!? A path fraught with hardships and incredible challenges awaits!

Now, let’s RAISE THE FLAG!!!

We hope all Buddyfighters around the world are enjoying Buddyfight as much as we enjoy creating it. This is only the beginning of the year and we’re only warming up with our festivals! You can be sure that there’ll be more goodies coming your way in 2017!

For now, we hope you can continue watching over Gao and his journey to become a World Buddy Champion, every Saturday 7.30am (GMT+8) on YouTube and Crunchyroll!

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Game End!

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