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New Ability: “Overturn” Arrives!

August 30, 2017

Hello Buddyfighters!

The next trial deck, Thunderous Warlords Alliance, will go on sale on October 20th, along with the next booster pack, “Overturn! Thunder Empire!!”.

Thunderous Warlords Alliance features a brand new flag for Gao… the “Thunder Emperor’s Fangs”!! With this flag, you can use monsters from any worlds as long as they have the 《Thunder Empire》 attribute!

And that’s not all. Gao’s buddy, Batzz has regained his old powers back…

… The power of

[Overturn] is such a powerful ability that it can only be used once per game. And your opponents cannot use [Counter] against it. With Thunderous Warlords Alliance, you and your monsters can attack up to 7 times in one turn with the power of [Overturn]!!!

Can you master the profound potential of [Overturn] and lead Thunder Empire to victory!?

Do look forward to its release!

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