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Bushiroad & Future Card Buddyfight Logos and Card Back

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Bushiroad logo

Future Card Buddyfight X logo

Future Card Buddyfight Card Back

Contents Desktop Wallpapers (1600×1200, 1920×1080)
Smartphone Wallpapers (744×1392, 890×1559, 1438×2592)
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Contents Golden Buddy Rumble Logo & PR Cards
Visuals to promote store events Format PNG, JPG Copyright ©bushiroad All Rights Reserved.

Store Event Design Package

Future Card Buddyfight Products

Latest Media Kit: X-BT04 “Rainbow Striker”

Contents Product Logo (600px width)
Web Banners
Facebook Cover-size Banner
Product Display images (box and/or pack)
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Future Card Buddyfight Media Kit

X-CBT “Driven to Disorder”
More contents coming soon!

“Rainbow Striker”

“X Duel Chest”

“Overturn! Thunder Empire!”

“Thunderous Warlords Alliance”

“LVL UP! Heroes & Adventurers”

“Evolution & Mutation”

“Chaos Control Crisis”

“Ruler of Havoc”

“Decimating Black Dragon”

“Crossing Generations”

“The Dark Lord’s Rebirth”

“Dragon Fielder”

X-SD01 “Demon Lord Dragon of Tempest”

“Dragon Fighters”

“Shine! Super Sun Dragon!!”

“Golden Buddy Champion Box”

D-BT03 “Annihilate! Great Demonic Dragon!!”

D-BT02A “Four Dimensions”

D-BT02 “Roar!
Invincible Dragon!!”

D-TD01 “Dragon Emperor
of the Colossal Ocean”

“Buddy Rave”

“Unleash! Impact Dragon!!”

“Hollow Black Dragon”

“Cross Dragoner”

“Scorching Sun Dragon”

Event Logo

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Bushiroad Spring Fest 2016

Buddy Challenge

Bushiroad World Championship 2016

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