【BCS2018】Official Bushiroad Statement Regarding BCS 2018 Manila Regional Qualifier

Dear Buddyfighters,

During the course of the BCS 2018 Manila Regional Qualifier for Future Card Buddyfight, a dispute between players over a play occurred during the semi-finals. Although a judge was called to resolve the issue, the argument continued between the players, ultimately leading to both of them getting disqualified from the tournament due to severe unsportsmanlike conduct.

It is regrettable that the judges and staff on hand were unable to efficiently resolve this issue, and we will strive to ensure that our judges and staff are better able to handle these problems in the future.

That being said, the behavior of both players involved are unacceptable and is not permissible at any Bushiroad events. We would like to remind all players to treat other players with respect, and to calmly await instructions from the judges whenever there is a problem.

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