Extra Booster Pack Vol. 1: Immortal Entities
Release Date: June 6, 2014

Unleash havoc with Extra Booster Pack Vol.1 [Immortal Entities]!
Extra Booster Vol. 1 contains cards to enhance <<Dragon World>>, <<Katana World>>, <<Ancient World>>. Grasp unending power and create a mythic deck worthy of legends!

  • 1 pack contains 5 random cards/ 1 display contains 15 packs
  • 48 types of cards (BR:1/ RRR: 2/ RR: 5/ R: 10/ U:10/ C: 20) inclusive of SP: 6 (Parallel)
  • This product contains cards of <<Dragon World>>, <<Katana World>> and <<Ancient World>>
  • 1 card in every pack will definitely be an R or above card!!
  • Each display will contain 1 PR card (4 designs) as a box-topper supplement as an additional feature!

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