Hundred Extra Booster Vol. 3: Lord of Hundred Thunders
Release Date: September 25, 2015

Consume the world and bend it to your command with BFE-H-EB03 [Lord of Hundred Thunders]!

The vicious power is finally unleashed! Toy with your opponents by taking full advantage of the evil “Thunder Mine” ability!

With Hundred Demons from across nine worlds, devour the fruit of hundred victories.

Your opponents won’t even know what hit them!

  • 1 pack contains 6 random cards/ 1 display contains 15 packs
  • 64 types of cards RRR: 4 / RR: 8 / R: 18/ U:30 / BR: 1 (Parallel) / SP: 3 (Parallel) + SECRET (Flag): ?
  • This product contains cards from all worlds other than Star Dragon World with the《Hundred Demons》attribute!
    *SECRET include flags from different worlds!
  • 1 PR card will be randomly inserted into each display (2 types in total)!
  • Every pack will definitely have one R, and an additional R or above!
  • There are no common cards in this set!
  • Parallel foils of Uncommon and Rare Cards are inserted randomly in packs!

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