X Booster Pack Vol. 1: The Dark Lord’s Rebirth
Release Date: April 21, 2017


This booster pack includes cards used by the new characters in the new animation season! Re-create their decks, or you can create your own! What’s more, The Dark Lord’s Rebirth booster pack also include cards used in the final stages of the Triple D animation!!

Primary Worlds & Card Types
  • Primary worlds: Dragon, Star Dragon, Katana, Ancient, Dual
  • Total of 122 types + SECRET type
  • BR: 3 / SP: 6 / RRR:8 / RR:12 / R:33 / U:30 / C:30
    (Some reprints included)
Product Specifications
  • 1 pack contains 5 random cards / 1 display contains 30 packs
  • Every pack will definitely have one R or above rarity card!
  • Guaranteed one SECRET pack sealed in every display!
  • Parallel foil versions of commons, uncommons, and rares are randomly inserted.
Card list now available here: X-BT01

Get ahold of all-new colorful Buddy Rares!

Special Bonus!

【Special Bonus】Box-Topper PR Cards (exclusive first-print edition!)
Only for the first print of this booster, a limited edition PR card will be included in each display! Total of 6 types of PR cards available, featuring all-new character flags, monsters, and more!

Featured cards

(Click to open the larger version in a new window!)

More will be listed here as we reveal more cards! Stay tuned to our updates!


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