【Rules】Updates to Irregulars List!

Thank you for playing and supporting Future Card Buddyfight!

After months of grueling investigations, the Buddy Police has decided to revise the Irregulars List.

Irregulars List Revision Date

This Irregulars List update will take place from 5th October 2020 onwards.

Additions to Irregulars List

Future Card Buddyfight Fantastic Final Countershoot!!

【Off-Limit!】Star Dragon World
Fantastic Final Countershoot!!

As compared to Shining Punisher which can only be used when opponent’s life is 5 or less, the easily achievable condition of having opponents use Counter allows players another turn, which leads to an easy victory.

The mission of the Buddyfight Development team is to create cards that contribute to a wide variety of decks, and to maintain a fun and comprehensive environment for all Buddyfighters. We sincerely thank you for your continuous support in Future Card Buddyfight.

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