Irregulars List

The Irregulars List comprises of “irregular cards” – cards which strength far exceeds expectations, and have made a significant impact on the game. As such, these cards will be placed in the Irregulars List, to ensure a healthy and enjoyable tournament environment for all our players. The Irregulars List applies to all officially sanctioned Future Card Buddyfight Tournaments.

Latest update: February 1st, 2019

Types of Limiters

Cards on the Irregulars List may be assigned one of two limiters. These limiters are applied to the cards depending on the flag that they are used with.

Off-Limits! – No copies of the card may be used (including as a flag or buddy).
X-Limit – X is the maximum number of copies of the card you can use in your deck, excluding your buddy.

All Flags
Card Number Card Name Limiter Effective Date
X-BT02/0044EN Professor Menjo Off-Limits! July 2nd, 2018
X-SS04/0030EN CHAOS Death Tallica Off-Limits! July 2nd, 2018
PR/0305EN Obstruct Off-Limits! February 9th, 2019
D-BT04/0075EN Black Sage, Bem Off-Limits! February 9th, 2019
H-PP01/0013EN Crystal Dragon, Adamanquartz Off-Limits! February 9th, 2019
BT02/0103EN Gambit 1-Limit July 2nd, 2018
X-BT03/0102EN Overturn Black Death Dragon, Abygale 1-Limit February 9th, 2019
Decks with “the Chaos” flag
Card Number Card Name Limiter Effective Date
X-SS04/0036EN Ladis the CHAOS Off-Limits! July 2nd, 2018
X-BT02/0118EN Launch the Autodeity 1-Limit July 2nd, 2018
X-BT04A-UB03/0004EN Full Mechrystal Dragon, Zindo Beta 1-Limit July 2nd, 2018
X-BT04/0101EN Machining Sacrifice 1-Limit July 2nd, 2018
X-CBT-B/0006EN Genome Upgrader, Geargod ver.1000 1-Limit July 2nd, 2018
Decks with “Thunder Emperor’s Fangs” flag
Card Number Card Name Limiter Effective Date
X-SS04/0015EN Loud Voice 1-Limit July 2nd, 2018
X-SS04/0020EN The Fighters’ Oath 1-Limit July 2nd, 2018
Decks with “Katana World” flag
Card Number Card Name Limiter Effective Date
BT02/0097EN Demon Way, Sakurafubuki 1-Limit February 9th, 2019