【Buddyfight News】February Issue!

Buddyfight News Bring you updates to you February Issue

reveal S-TD01 and S-BT04 Garga's new form

King Garga. Just like a medieval knight in sword and armor with a strapping red mantle! Garga's new power! Garga's new form! Gargantua Knight Dragon. Knight Dragon's start deck: S Trial Deck Vol. 1: Drakight will be on sale April 26th!

Deity Creations Fangflare, Gargantua Punisher!! Yuga and Garga. Monsters with Soulguard won't survive!

The immortal vanity. Vile Demonic Husk Deity Dragon, vanity end destroyer. S Booster Pack Vol. 4: Drago Knight will be on sale May 10th!

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