【Buddyfight News】November Issue!


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Buddyfight News Oct Issue

Deity of Eon Time Ruler Dragon S-SS03 Buddy

Time General Zeitwelg

Time General Teylor Luna

Kronos Syn Blockend

Kronos Almete

Time General Muller

Time Scout Vegas

Kronos Kronograph

Kronos Valex

Deity of Knowledge and Hope Godcross Astrologia

Seerfight Dragon Vart

Seer Dragon, Pale

Cross Astro Shield

Deityseer Bow, Lumen Deus

Deity of Enthusiasm and Bonds Godagito

Beautiful Sasa

Rushing Tricera

Link Dragon Bonds Shield

Link Dragon Deity Sword Jaw of Spiral

S-BT07 on sale Jan 24

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