Let’s learn how to play Buddyfight!


Your comrade to help you reach victory!


The equipment used to attack the opponent fighter and monsters.


A card with uniqe effects to aid your battles.


The Flag of the World you and your Buddy belong to.


A powerful card that can only be cast during the Final Phase.

Now that you know about the cards in the game…

Fighter Space

The place where fighter and Buddy stand. The cards you draw are your weapons. A Fighter loses if he/she is reduced to 0 life, or has no cards left in the deck.

Monster Space

When you call a monster, you can choose to place it on the left, right, or center. The total size of monsters on your field can only add up toa maximum of 3.

Deck Zone

Your deck goes here. Decks are always placed face down. You draw cards from your deck when the fight starts, and you lose if you run out of cards.

Gauge Zone

You start with 2 cards in your gauge. The gauge is used to pay various costs such as calling monsters, casting spells, and activating activities. Managing your gauge is one of the secrets to winning Buddyfights!

Drop Zone

Monsters that are destroyed, spells that are finished casting, and cards that are used to pay costs goes here. Cards in the drop zone face up.

Take turns battling your opponent until…

And now you’re ready to experience Buddyfight!
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