Buddyfight Legends

Buddyfight Legends

Story 11: Ku Teito

“Super Robots”.

That is the name of a Super Robot Force with unwavering courage and burning souls, established by the Buddy Police and Hero World in order to protect Earth from the threats from parallel worlds that have continued to increase over recent years!!!!!!

◇ ◇ ◇

“Tch, looks like I can’t get away.”

The bearded man who found himself cornered in a back alley made a sound of irritation, and turned around. Before him stood a petite young girl who stood with her left hand on her hip, and her right arm pointed directly at him.

“Stop right there, indeed! Give up, and surrender without resisting!”

“…Huh? Oh, whew. I thought those rats from the Buddy Police had found me, but now that I take a second look, it’s just a kid.”

“Wha–?! I am not a kid, indeed! This officer’s name is [Ku Teito], a fully-accredited member of the Buddy Police!”

“Uh huh, sure thing, why don’t you go play Buddy Police and Robbers with your little friends, okay?”

“I-I’m not playing, indeed!”

“Sure, sure, of course you’re not playing.”

“Rrrrgh! This man is ticking me off, indeed! I’m arresting him, indeed!”

“Well, I’m kinda busy, so…”

“Stop. You are under suspicion of conducting secret communications with multiple illegal monsters, and interfering with gates to parallel worlds without authorization. You are ordered to accompany us to the Buddy Police headquarters.”

As the bearded man attempted to sneak past Ku, he heard a young man’s voice ring out from nowhere in particular.

“?! Are you… Card Burn?!”

The bearded man’s expression stiffened at once.

And no wonder.

The small humanoid robot standing on the young Ku Teito’s shoulder was Card Burn. A Brave Machine with a heart full of justice, he had a long history of cooperating with the Buddy Police. He often shrank down his body so that it didn’t get in the way, but his true form was far larger than a human.

“We already have all the evidence. It will be to your advantage in the future to come quietly.”

A different person had spoken up. This time, it was a clear and beautiful woman’s voice.

“…That must be Satsuki. Tch, so you really are the Buddy Police. And just my luck to have the elite unit on my case.”

The tablet-shaped robot floating next to Ku was named Koyomi-class Fifth Fleet, Satsuki. Like Card Burn, her current appearance was temporary, and her true form was a massive battleship capable of carrying many robots.

Card Burn and Satsuki.

Both were super-famous monsters who had formed an alliance with the Buddy Police.

“Ha-ha! Do you finally understand just how incredible this officer is, indeed?”

“So, why are you two baby-sitting this child?”

“I am not a child! I am a proper lady, indeed!”

“Admiral, I believe that your words only make you sound more like a child…”

“That’s enough out of you, indeed! You stay quiet, Satsuki!”

“I’m terribly sorry, the truth just slipped out…”

“You just don’t know when to stop talking!”

“Ku, Satsuki, this is no time to be arguing. He’s making a run for it.”

They both turned around at the sound of Card Burn’s voice, and saw that the man was climbing a fence in an attempt to escape.

“We’re not letting you get away, indeed! Buddy Police Barrier, activate!”

As soon as Ku said this, a pillar of light fell to the ground from the Buddy Police artificial satellites floating in geosynchronous orbit. The light turned into a barrier that surrounded Ku and the bearded man, blocking all avenues of escape.

“You can choose one of two actions, indeed! Come along with us quietly, or resist and be captured!”

“I’m gonna be caught either way!! In that case, I’ll take the third option, defeating you and getting away scot-free!!!”

The man brought out a deck and shoved it at Ku.

“I won’t let you, indeed!”

Ku brought out her own deck as well. The moment that she did so, the interior of the barrier turned into a Fight Stage. As soon as the V-Boards appeared at their hands, both fighters luminized their decks.

“Robot forces that protect the earth, prepare for sortie! Luminize! Great Teito Super Friends Machine Squad!”

“Devouring you from the pits of Hades! Luminize, Flames of Perdition!”

“Buddy…fight! Raise the flag!”

The bearded man turned his flag face up.

“Searing Executioners!”

Next, Ku turned her flag face up.

“Hero World!”

Ku had the first move.

“It’s this officer’s turn! Draw, charge and draw! Let’s get things started, Satsuki!”

“Please leave it to me.”

“I pay 3 gauge and take up my Station as Admiral of [Paal Battleship, Satsuki], indeed!”

Ku’s Life: 10 → 11

Ku raised a card to the sky. Satsuki, who had been floating at her side in tablet form, vanished in an instant. Immediately, an unimaginably large shadow fell upon the Fight Stage. When the bearded man looked up, he saw that a massive battleship big enough to cover the sky was floating overhead.

“Th-This is the infamous Satsuki…?!”

As the bearded man panicked over the sheer scale of Satsuki, a beam of light shone down from Satsuki to Ku on the ground. The light surrounded Ku, and in the blink of an eye, she was transported to the command center within Satsuki.

“Saluting the Admiral’s Station. Satsuki, launching.”

“And I’m not stopping there! Cast! [Hyper Energy]! This increases my gauge by 4! Now it’s time for attack phase, indeed!”

“Activating air to surface missile systems 1 through 6. Loading of all ammunition complete. All energy refill complete. Target, opponent fighter. All systems operational. Ready whenever you are.”

“Attack the fighter, indeed!”

“Commencing attack!”

Missiles rained down from Satsuki’s underside and fell on the bearded man.


“I discard the top three cards in my deck and cast! Shadow Crusader! I decrease the damage by 3!”

The bearded man bore the full brunt of the missile attack, and vanished like a shadow before reappearing in another location, completely unharmed.

“It seems your attack didn’t reach me.”

“This officer’s turn is over, indeed.”

“Next, it’s my turn! Draw! Charge and draw! Heh heh, I’ll burn down that huge body of yours with the flames of perdition! Serial cast! [Gate of Verdict -Judgment-], [Damian’s Decision], [Black Beast Battle Arts], [Little Light]! And I call [Chaotic Hunt Jailer, Soku]! Using his effect, I set the spell [Gate of Ruins -Greed-] in my drop zone!”

Bearded Man’s Life: 8 → 9

The bearded man cast spell after spell from his hand cards, using their effect to increase his gauge, hand cards, and life, while also stocking up a large number of cards in his drop zone at once.

“Now, I’ll use this guy and have him devour you whole! I pay 3 gauge and place Soku in the soul as I Buddy call [Hellfire Executioners Dragon, Gagalgarios] to the center!”

Bearded Man’s Life: 9 → 10

A great rumbling could be heard as a crack ran through the center area. From the crevice, molten magma gushed out and began to seep into the surrounding field. Finally, the center area melted completely, and a burning black dragon appeared from the bowels of the earth.


“Here we go, attack phase! Gagalgarios, attack the fighter! His effect lets me move the top two cards in my deck to the drop zone, and I increase my gauge by 1! As a result, I have over twenty-five cards in my drop zone, and I deal 2 additional damage!”


Ku’s Life: 11 → 6

The searing missile fired from Gagalgarios’s mouth made a direct hit on Satsuki as she floated in the sky.

“Double Attack!”


“Urgh… W-We can endure this!”

Ku’s Life: 6 → 1

Gagalgarios’s second missile shook Satsuki’s massive form so hard that even in the command center, Ku lost her balance.

“This will finish you! Final Phase! Impact Call! I pay 3 gauge and transform Gagalgarios into an Impact Monster! [Gagalgarios, “Prison Pyre Demonic Wave”!]!!”


Accompanied by an earth-rumbling roar, Gagalgarios generated a searing fire in his massive mouth. The heat increased rapidly, swelling into a ball of molten flame that surpassed even Satsuki.

“Take this!”

“Urk… Please lend me your strength! I cast! [I won’t… Let you!], indeed!”

Just as Gagalgarios was about to fire the ball of molten flame from his mouth, a single robot flew out from Satsuki.

In the next moment, the ball of flame reached its maximum size and closed in on Satsuki, but…

“You shall not pass!!!”

A metal body with the word “Pal” emblazoned upon it.

The steel beast that was the pride of Hero World, [Gaidenor] threw himself between Satsuki and the molten missile.


Gaidenor used his metal arms to catch the fiery ball that was several times his size. Gradually, his body began to melt, as his limbs reached their limit and crumbled away.

“Gaidenor! Don’t give up, indeed!”

“I shall… hold it back…! Captain, you just concentrate on our victory!”

“…I understand, indeed!”

“Clash of steel and roar of beasts! Howl, Gaidenor!!!!”

Finally, the fireball was unable to withstand its own heat and exploded midair. The force of the explosion threw Satsuki off-balance, and the bearded man found himself unable to stay upright, falling to his knees.

…After a while, the wind and fury calmed down. Satsuki and Ku were injured, but had managed to hang on to 1 life. However, there was no sign of Gaidenor anywhere.

“…Gaidenor, thank you indeed. I will win this Buddyfight, no matter what!”

“Tch! They lowered Gagalgarios’s attack and survived. My turn is over.”

“It’s this officer’s turn! Draw! Charge and draw! Satsuki, commence attack on Gagalgarios, indeed!”

“Roger that. Target: Gagalgarios. Commencing attack.”

The barrage of missiles fired from Satsuki savaged Gagalgarios and destroyed him completely.


“Penetrate, indeed!”

The remaining missiles headed towards the bearded man, but…

“As long as Gate of Ruins is on my field, all damage I take is reduced to 1!”

Bearded Man’s Life: 10 → 9

The miasma flowing out of the Gate of Ruins weakened the power of the missiles.

“Then all we need to do is attack as many times as it takes! Satsuki, Double Attack!”

“Firing second barrage.”

Bearded Man’s Life: 9 → 8

“We’re not letting up! ‘Paal Machine Squad’, sortie! From Satsuki, I call [Paal Battle Poet, Talking] to the left!”

At Ku’s command, another robot launched out of Satsuki.

A crimson body emblazoned with the word “Pal”. It was Battle Poet, Talking, a robot that turned its pilot’s words into power.

“Talking, sortie complete! Give me my orders, Captain!”

“Attack the fighter, indeed!”

“Roger that! Take this! Language…Knuckle!!!!!!”

Bearded Man’s Life: 8 → 7

The shockwave that resulted from Talking’s fist thrust was also weakened to its lower limit by the overflowing miasma.

“Double Attack, indeed!”

“One more strike!!!!”

Bearded Man’s Life: 7 → 6

“This attack phase isn’t ending anytime soon! I pay 1 gauge and call [Paal Transformation, Winning Maximum] to the right!”

“I will battle at your side!”

A blue body with an imprint of the word “Pal”.

Winning Maximum, the leader of the Ride-Changer robots who transformed from vehicle form to humanoid form in order to battle, descended to earth from Satsuki.

“Winning Maximum, attack the fighter!”

“Here I go!”

Winning Maximum changed into his vehicle form to rapidly advance on the bearded man, and changed back into his humanoid form moments before they would have collided. He used his forward momentum to punch the opponent.



Bearded Man’s Life: 6 → 5

But even his fist was blocked by the miasma, and barely hit its mark.

Even so, Winning Maximum didn’t let up on his attack.

“Double Attack!”

Bearded Man’s Life: 5 → 4

“Triple Attack!”

Bearded Man’s Life: 4 → 3

“Quadruple Attack!”

Bearded Man’s Life: 3 → 2

“Urghhhh…. Curses, how many times are they going to attack…?!”

“Obviously, we’ll keep attacking until evil is vanquished! I pay 2 gauge and call [Paal Combi, Ultimate Card Burn] to the center!”

Three small robots deployed from Satsuki.

“Here we go, Card Rhino, Card Serpent!”

“Time to start combination!”

“Don’t fall too far behind my speed!”

The three robots changed their forms to become different body parts, then combined into one giant robot.

“Super Battle Charm Combination! Ultimate Card Burrrrrrrrn!!”

“Ultimate Card Burn, I would like you to battle together with me!”

“Of course! We ‘Paal Machine Squad’ robots gathered together to protect peace on this world! One blow from me will strike down the evil before us!”

“You have my gratitude… Ultimate Card Burn, attack the fighter, indeed!”


Ultimate Card Burn’s sword slashed at the bearded man. This attack was also weakened by the miasma, but the cumulative damage from the previous attacks finally brought the bearded man to the brink.

Bearded Man’s Life: 2 → 1

“Ghah! Curses, curses, this isn’t how this was supposed to go…!”

“This will finish things! Justice will always prevail, that is how it is in this world! Ultimate Card Burn, it’s Last Attack time!”

“You’re going to tell the Buddy Police everything you know, all the monsters that were involved, and how you did it.”


The bearded man tried to escape, but nothing within a Buddy Police Barrier could get out until the Buddyfight was over. And when the Buddyfight was over, that was when the criminal would be captured.

“Here I go! Impact, Sword Slasher!!!!”

As Ultimate Card Burn shouted, his giant sword became wreathed in flame while it swung down, splitting the Gate of Ruin together with the bearded man.


Bearded Man’s Life: 1 → 0

◇ ◇ ◇

“Card Burn, you saved us again today. I must thank you, indeed.”

“No, it is we who should be thanking you. Because of you and Satsuki, we are able to gather and assist each other. In addition, my long-time collaborator and best friend Takihara has also asked me to keep an eye out for you.”

“Mister Takihara did…?!”

“Takihara speaks of you often, Ku. He says that you’re an excellent officer.”

“I-I’m nothing special, indeed…”

“That’s not true. We were moved by your courage and heart of justice as you faced evil without fear, and wished to assist you of our own free will. There is no mistaking that.”

“That’s right, Admiral. Please, be more confident in yourself.”

“Card Burn, Satsuki… Thank you, indeed!”

Ku and Card Burn exchanged nods, and then shook hands firmly.

Super Robots.

That is the name of the most powerful robot force, bonded by the friendship between a young girl from Earth who always strives to do her best, and the robots of Hero World with their hearts of justice!!!!!!

The End

Text by Shun Menjo

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