Buddyfight Legends

Buddyfight Legends

Introducing the Side characters that have appeared in the World of Buddyfight! These characters have their own special story explaining more about themselves and their cards!

A new hero who appeared in Hero World all of a sudden.

He surrounds himself in a shroud of mystery and takes on the appearance of a Dark Hero who previously sought to cause a revolution.

His cloak, Gemclone, is able to change into all kinds of monsters that he is able to imitate and materialize.

Gemclone is able to call out replicated heroes that dwell within the created artificial world, “Mirror World”, which exists within him.

―He who previously fell to greed. For his own ambition, his own greed, he sacrificed countless monsters.

Was it to face his sins and make up for them? In the end, what was his desire? He could only think of the corpses he personally produced. He could not come up with any answers. But he would move on. For he now has a partner that he can rely on.

Previously gathered experience on Buddy Police by watching, now Ku has become a Buddy Police office and has grown throughout taking on difficult missions.

While on an investigation mission into the abnormal activity on gates linking Earth and the Buddy World, Ku suspects that this could be the cause of a conspiracy instead of the actions of an individual.

From Card Burn’s support, an elite force of super Robots “Super Friends Machine Squad” was established and works hard daily for justice.

Although the details are unclear, she self-proclaims to be …. an adult lady.

Yuga’s friend as well as his rival.
Holds the title of Ace of Sports and boasts to have the ability to lead various primary sports club in Aibo Academy.
Relying on said ability, he joins all kinds of sports club activities as a supporter.
More than his sports prowess, he never falters in his daily efforts. As he has several sisters and brothers, the house chores is always done to complete perfection.

Yuga’s friend as well as his rival.
Holding the title of Ace of Study, he boasts to have claimed Top Scorer country wide.
Usually exuding a cool demeanor, with his love of acquiring knowledge, he constantly appeals to his spirit of enquiry and whenever things of great interest appear, he is unable to hide his excitement.
Also in the habit of astronomical observation, he has an amazing telescope and celestial globe in his room.

A gang of thieves existing in Magic World that uses high magical power to gather precious stones known as Magic Treasures for a certain purpose.
They are also known to steal powers from wrongdoers that have saved up.
The leader, Harry, is the chief of all affiliated thieves who lurk in various cities throughout Magic World.
His steals are always magnificently done, and people are always mesmerized by it.
Whenever an unexpected “Harry’s show will be starting tonight too!” comes around, curious onlookers always gather round.
Surely, tonight as well, Harry will putting on a “show” somewhere

The mother of Amaterasu, who is currently Miko Mikono’s buddy. Bored of her current lifestyle and under the pretext of checking on her daughter’s current situation, she visits Amaterasu to kill time.
While she comes and goes like a storm, the people who gets pulled in with her tends to end up having a fun filled day.
She loves fun, enjoyable and sweet things, and self-proclaims her signature move as cooking.

The student coucil president cum Chairman who established The World of Academia after closing Aibo Academy. He is known as the Ace of Perfection, who crushes everything perfectly and oversees the students in a new school that has gathered Buddyfighters from all over the world.
He established The World of Academia in order to fulfil a certain plan of his and is currently moving forth in this plan together with his buddy, Time Ruler Dragon.

A prince of a certain country, he is a buddyfighter who has earned the title “Ace of Legend”. His nickname is Alec. He has played once before with Yuga when he was went on an overseas trip as a young child. Alec has come to Japan in order to gain revenge for when he lost against Yuga in a game.

A young teenager fresh out from the German countryside, he plays Buddyfight with his fellow friends.
However, due to unwilling involvement in an accident, his treasured friends were injured. Regretting that he was unable to protect his friends in the past, he resolves to gain the power to protect those close to him and chances upon a meeting with Projection Shell, “Siegfried”.

A middle school student who has withdrawn from society, he is an exemplary genius who excels at Buddyfight.
As he doesn’t talk to people and doesn’t involve himself in group actitivies, he is often left alone.

A middle school student who also works as a model, Hikaru loves flashy things and standing out in the crowd.
With his extreme luck, he pulled out his buddy from the strongest class of monsters after starting Buddyfight.
On the surface, he seems to conduct himself frivolously, however, he also spares no effort in making himself shine on stage.
His mother runs a small Bento(lunch box) store. Born on 7th July.

A young maiden who resides in Dungeon World. She came from the world of Folktales to bring back her close friend who went alone to Earth, Emma. Although she cares deeply for Emma, she is unable to come clean on it. She is also able to change into her gryphon like dragon form “Wanderer Alicedragon”.

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