Buddyfight Legends

Buddyfight Legends

Introducing the Side characters that have appeared in the World of Buddyfight! These characters have their own special story explaining more about themselves and their cards!

A middle school student who has withdrawn from society, he is an exemplary genius who excels at Buddyfight.
As he doesn’t talk to people and doesn’t involve himself in group actitivies, he is often left alone.

A middle school student who also works as a model, Hikaru loves flashy things and standing out in the crowd.
With his extreme luck, he pulled out his buddy from the strongest class of monsters after starting Buddyfight.
On the surface, he seems to conduct himself frivolously, however, he also spares no effort in making himself shine on stage.
His mother runs a small Bento(lunch box) store. Born on 7th July.

A young maiden who resides in Dungeon World. She came from the world of Folktales to bring back her close friend who went alone to Earth, Emma. Although she cares deeply for Emma, she is unable to come clean on it. She is also able to change into her gryphon like dragon form “Wanderer Alicedragon”.

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