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Yamigedo Says Hello World!

October 5, 2015

Welcome to our weekly column, Buddyfight Buzz! Every Monday, our feisty columnists take turns to share insights on various themes including newest developments, game trivia, latest events, buzz in the industry, and many more. Stay tuned as we bring you on a journey to discover all things essential for Buddyfighters!

Yours truly will kick-start the column featuring my favorite picks from the just-released Hundred Extra Booster Vol. 3: Lord of Hundred Thunders.

Caster of Forbidden Techniques, Velgaren | Resurrected Evil Deity, Yamigedo | Stranger Dilemma
Armorknight Serpent | Call Dragon Migidos

Resurrected Evil Deity, Yamigedo

The big boss card of the Hundred Demons! Just as strong as its SECRET counter-part “Great Fiend, Yamigedo”, “Ressurected Evil Deity, Yamigedo” has a super presence on the field!

What makes it so powerful? “Ressurected Evil Deity, Yamigedo” not only devours your own monsters, it can take away life points really easily from your opponent. Not only you are able to put as many monsters with “Thunder Mine” on your field into this card’s soul, you can even capitalize from having that many monsters in your soul! For cards in its soul, Yamigedo gains all their “Thunder Mine” abilities!!

Its second ability also allows you to add 《Hundred Demons》 from your hand into this card’s soul. By using [Soulguard], and with a sizable 5000 defense hammer away on your opponent while maintaining field presence by continuously adding cards to your soul and using spell cards to nullify attacks!

Devour all that stands in your way!!

Caster of Forbidden Techniques, Velgaren

This size 0 monster allows you to call any size 3 monster from your hand by paying 2 life instead! Make full use to call out costly size 3 monsters without the use of gauge, including “Resurrected Evil Deity, Yamigedo” and “Great Field, Yamigedo”!


Stranger Dilemma

This unique “Thunder Mine” allows you to deal 1 damage to your opponent every time he or she casts a spell! Deal damage by “Thunder Mine” even if your opponent casts defensive spells!

Armorknight Serpent

A rather big sized 《Hundred Demons》 that has a very impressive “Thunder Mine”! Deal damage as long as a monster enters your opponent’s field! Put it into the soul of “Ressurected Evil Deity, Yamigedo”!

Call Dragon Migidos

Although not as potent by itself, it can surely deal havoc when it is in the soul of “Resurrected Evil Deity, Yamigedo”. Its third ability will not be gained by Yamigedo, so deal damage to your opponent every time a card is put into your opponent’s gauge!


★ BONUS FEATURE: Great Fiend, Yamigedo ★

Not from the Hundred Extra Booster Vol. 3: Lord of Hundred Thunders series, but this post will not be complete without featuring the “Great Fiend, Yamigedo”. While already very powerful by itself, this first form of Yamigedo can also be consumed by “Ressurected Evil Deity, Yamigedo”! Its “Thunder Mine” ability is another great addition to other extremely powerful “Thunder Mine”!


Surely with these Hundred Demons from across nine worlds on your deck, you will soon devour the fruit of hundred victories. Wahahahaha!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first column! More interesting articles coming your way every Monday!


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