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Buddyfight Card Trivia!! – Legends Come Alive, Part 2

March 28, 2016

We hope you enjoyed our article last week on Legend World card trivia! This week, we’ll be kicking things off with a legend that should be very familiar to everyone…

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★ The Legend of King Arthur ★

Stories of the famous King Arthur of Britain, his holy sword Excalibur, and the Knights of the Round Table should be familiar to most. It has been adapted into many novels and media, and should come as no surprise that it features in a world based off legends as well!


A skilled warrior and leader, Arthur led his men in the defense of his country and on numerous quests, most notably the quest for the Holy Grail, a mythical item said to be able to cure all ills. Although his endeavors brought peace to his land, it was eventually disrupted by civil war. Arthur was mortally wounded in a final battle of the war against his nephew Mordred, and was laid to rest in the isle of Avalon.

Arthur had at his side the loyal Knights of the Round Table. They were the most skilled knights of their time who had sworn an oath of chivalry to protect their country and its citizens. The Round Table of legend was given to Arthur for his knights, and though it was odd at the time to have a round table, it signified that all who sat at the table were equals. Some of the most well-known of these kingsmen are Gawain, Galahad, and Percival, whose names are often featured in popular movies and games.

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★ Mythical Creatures ★

Apart from legendary figures, various mythical creatures have also made their way into Legend World. Every culture has their own list of these supernatural beings and some are downright strange (especially the Japanese – they even have spirits that possess jars!), but some have been depicted in popular stories and media as well.

A redcap is a type of diminutive creature that carries a long spear and resides in abandoned castles. It uses its spear to hurt any travelers that wander into their homes, and they dye their hats with their victim’s blood – hence the name. What a creepy creature D:

This card is a combination of two different fictional cats! One half is cait sith, or cat sith, a spectral cat that supposedly haunts the Scottish Highlands. It is a black cat with a white spot on its chest, and is said to be able to steal a dead person’s soul if it passes over the body before it is properly buried. The other half is “Puss in Boots”, which should be familiar to many as a talking cat who asked for, and received, a pair of boots. It went on to make his master rich and powerful through trickery, and lived a luxurious life after.

Sylphs are elementals of air that are sometimes referred to as faeries. There are no major myths or legends surrounding sylphs, but their concept has been adapted into numerous stories after their conception by Paracelsus, a Swiss German occultist who defined the sylphs as invisible spirits of the air.

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★ Stars and Constellation ★

The last group I would like to present to you are the monsters of the [Star] attribute. Some of these monsters are named after constellations and stars within those constellations. These constellations and stars are also sometimes named for legendary characters and beings in mythology – such as “Perseus Algol” in the previous article.

And that’s it for our Legend World trivia series! There are, of course, more other legends and myths featured within the World – what others can you name? :3

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★ Future Card Buddyfight Triple D Updates ★

The last episode of Future Card Buddyfight Hundred aired last Saturday! Have you watched it yet? No?! Hop on over to our YouTube channel and watch it now!! If you haven’t already, do remember to subscribe too so that you’ll be notified when the first episode of Future Card Buddyfight Triple D goes live this coming Saturday!

We also have an announcement to make regarding the upcoming Triple D products:

[Regarding Misinformation on Jan 15, 2016 Article – New Season, New Beginnings]

Under the “Products” section, there was a misinformation regarding the appearance rates for RRR and RR card types for Triple D products. The appearance rates of those two rarities will mostly remain the same, but the appearance rates for SECRET and BR have been greatly improved to roughly one pack with a SECRET or BR in every 30 packs.

The first product to reflect this will be D-BT01 “Unleash! Impact Dragon!!”.

We apologize for any misunderstanding and inconvenience caused.

[Regarding Appearance Rates in D-BT01A]

Due to the high number of card types featured in Triple D Booster Pack Alternative Vol.1 “Buddy Rave”, we will be adjusting the appearance rates of all cards appropriately.

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Til next week, Buddyfighters!

Please note that some names may be slightly altered and some card details might not be representative of the actual stories.

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