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Get to Know the Characters! Triple D Buddy Monsters

May 23, 2016

What’s up again, everyone! We hope that you enjoyed last week’s feature on Buddyfighters from the Triple D animation! But no Buddyfighter is complete without their buddies of course!! In today’s Buddyfight Buzz article, we shall continue featuring more of the main characters—old and new—from this season!

Without further ado, let’s move on to today’s Triple D character discussion, featuring the Buddy Monsters!

★ ★ ★

The article below may reveal parts of the story that you haven’t yet watched.
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Future Card Buddyfight Triple D Characters

(The Buddyfighters were featured in last week’s Buddyfight Buzz! Check it out here!)

★★★ BAL

Dragon of the Sun,
Bal Dragon

Buddy: Gao Mikado

Meet the Sun Dragon Bal! After Drum left to lead his tribe back home, Gao has been searching for a new Buddy. It wasn’t too long before the Mighty Sun Fighter met the Dragon of the Sun, Bal who carried along some Sun Dragon cards on his egg shell. Bal is a very playful, energetic baby Sun Dragon who is still trying to get a grasp on how the world of Buddyfight works. He is not only childish and lovable, but also full of surprises. Bal possesses a hidden ability, probably one that has made Kyoya really interested to take him custody. Also, it seems like he can converse with cats! Interestingly, Bal can pull out all sorts of things from his chest. So far, a marker and a sword… but could there be others?!

Impact Monster Cards featuring Bal:


★★★ JACK

Star Dragoner,

Buddy: Tasuku Ryuenji

“He can’t resist trying to help others.”, is what Tasuku perceives of his loyal aide, Jackknife the Star Dragoner. Jackknife, just like his buddy, possesses a gentle and caring nature. He was the first to patiently teach Bal on how to Buddyfight properly and the baby Sun Dragon has now become a dear pupil to him. Still, the immature Bal would laugh at how Jackknife’s small form is “itsy-bitsy”, when compared to his “big and cool” true form…

Impact Monster Cards featuring Jack:



Black Death Dragon,

Buddy: Gaito Kurouzu

Let’s welcome another new monster on the block! Meet Abygale, the Black Death Dragon. When in his true form, his upper body is separated from the bottom half, creating a hollow in the middle. Having a profound desire to be the strongest Black Dragon and surpass Azi Dahaka, he joined forces with the wandering Gaito, who also yearns to be a fighter with absolute power. Tiny as he may be in his small form, Abygale is a really cool monster. He can ride on the bob under his feet, as if he’s on a scooter!

Impact Monster Cards featuring Abygale:



Demonic Demise Dragon,
Azi Dahaka

Buddy: Kyoya Gaen

As Kyoya Gaen returns this season, so does Azi Dahaka, Kyoya’s evil buddy monster hailing from Darkness Dragon World! The three-headed dragon (nicknamed “Lots-of-Faces” by Bal) has always been known for his massive 10000 attack and defense power. Apparently he was the one who caused the serious injury on Abygale’s right eye, and the past they shared seems to have ignited Abygale’s drive to be the strongest. We know very little as of now, so I hope to see more of this backstory in the future episodes!

Cards featuring Azi Dahaka:

No Azi Dahaka Impact Monster cards have been released so far, so let’s take a look at these two version of Azi Dahaka Monster cards instead! The one on the right will be included in our upcoming Triple D Booster Pack Alternative Vol.1: Buddy Rave!. Do look forward to its release!

Yearner of Extinction,
Azi Dahaka


★ ★ ★

That’s all I have for the Triple D Animation character discussion! We hope that you have enjoyed the articles, and let us know on Facebook on Twitter who you would like us to feature next!

At present, the brand new season has only broadcasted up to episode 8, so I believe they still have more in store. Stay tuned to see how the characters and story develop, and I’m certain that we are in for a treat this season. If you haven’t already, do remember to subscribe to our Official Youtube Channel so that you’ll be notified when the next episode goes live! New episodes are released every Saturday, 7:30am UTC+8 (Friday, 4:30pm UTC-7)!

Till next time!
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