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Card Review: Raving Buddies – Part 3

June 27, 2016

Hi, Buddyfighters! My name is WinterHartz, and I will be joining my comrades in the realms of Buddyfight Buzz to share with everyone the latest insights of this amazing card game!

The alternative! A new power in your hand! Dance to a wild new beat with Buddy Rave! ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬

Following the last preview from some of the cards from the Triple D Booster Pack Alternative Vol.1 (D-BT01A) “Buddy Rave” that was released just last Friday, we will be going through some of the new key cards from the D-EB02 portion of this alternative booster today. These cards are from none other than Hero World, and they are crucial to their respective deck builds.

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Without further ado, let’s hop on straight into this week’s feature!

★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ Transform! Ultimate Card Burn!

Ultimate Card Burn, “D-Wing”

Remember “Card Burn” and “Ultimate Card Burn” from Hundred Booster Pack Vol.1: Neo Enforcer”? A new and improved version has taken the stage!

A new card for the “Card Burn” family, “Ultimate Card Burn, “D-Wing”” is the first Size 5 monster introduced to the Future Card Buddyfight Universe so far, and it is the evolution of the existing “Ultimate Card Burn”. It comes along with huge stats of 15,000 Attack and 10,000 Defense and a Critical of 3. Beside with these astounding stats, it also has [Triple Attack] and [Penetrate] abilities, and it is immune to any destruction or returning abilities cast by your opponent. With D-Wing fighting along by your side, you can finish off your opponent in no time!

One important point to note is that you cannot normally call a Size 5 monster, so you need the ability of another card in order to bring this boss monster to the field. In this case, D-Wing’s partner will be “Card Wyvern”!

Card Wyvern

“Card Wyvern” is a core card which enables the transformation of “Ultimate Card Burn” into “Ultimate Card Burn, “D-Wing””. Its [Counter] ability allows it to be called during your Battle Phase and your opponent’s turn as well!

★ ★ ★ Salute, Ride Changers!

Ride-Changer Officer, Winning Maximum

Here comes the brand-new attribute, 《Ride-Changer》! Ride-Changers are cards associated with Brave Machines that can change into their other forms when a requirement is fulfilled. Winning Maximum is the leader of the Ride-Changers. Its stats and ability might not look devastating for a leader of an army of machines, but it’s a different story once it transforms to its soldier form…

Winning Maximum, “Soldier Form”

Check out this Soldier Form of Winning Maximum! Especially when your life reaches 6 or less, “Winning Maximum, “Soldier Form”” unveils its fullest potential. Not only will it gain a power up of 2000 for both attack and defense power, it will also earn the “Double Attack” ability. On top of that, the ability to Counterattack will be enabled! This allows players to make full use of its true power both offensively and defensively!

★ ★ ★ Behold the Caardian Transformation!

Transform Belt, Card Winder

Ever wanted to fight like a superhero, which can have many forms and battle your opponent with style? Look no further when you fight alongside Caardian. “Transform Belt, Card Winder” is a core item that allows the player to Transform into the different “Caardian” forms by returning itself to the hand, which allows the player to transform and tackle different battle situations.

★ Protection Deity of Steel, Caardian / ★ Caardian, “Mode SPEED”/ ★ Caardian, “Mode ARMOR”

These are the different forms that Caardian can transform into, and it comes along with the different abilities in which can adhere to different situations. “Protection Deity of Steel, Caardian” is the original form of Caardian that allows you to destroy any card your opponent possess upon paying the cost. “Caardian, “Mode SPEED”” is the attacking form that delivers stealth moves of having a [Double Attack] ability when it is transform and it can move fast enough to avoid potential attacks. Whereas, “Caardian, “Mode ARMOR”” is the defensive form whereby it can reduce any damage dealt to you by 3 upon as long you pay the cost.

★ ★ ★ Superheroes & Superheroines

Last but not the least, the 《Superheroine》 cards make a debut as well in this set. And they seems to have a great synergy with the 《Superhero》 attribute!

Bandage Warrior, Masked Vantage

Masked Vantage is an interesting card, as it is a 《Superhero》 card that have a synergy with the 《Superheroine》 which is featured in the set as well. You can transform this card from your hand during your opponent’s turn by returning a 《Superheroine》 card that is being attacked. This ability not only serve as a protection for the attacked card and yourself, but you can use the ability of the card that you returned during your next turn!

Uniform Warrior, Formal Frill

Formal Frill is another card worth mentioning. As long you have another 《Superhero》 on your field, all 《Superheroine》 that you control gets [Penetrate], which can push away your opponent defenses. That is not all; this card can twice due to her [Double Attack] ability!

That conclude today’s showcase of Hero World cards! This alternative booster certainly have cards that support many existing decks right now and I hope these cards will intrigue your mind with more interesting gameplays and combos.

Let us know what you think about these new cards and what you wish to pull from this set!

Regional Qualifier Dates & Locations revealed!

On another note, if you have been following our Facebook and Twitter, you may already heard that the next Future Card Buddyfight World Championship is commencing soon! Now is a good time to fine-tune your decks with these new cards and plan your trips to the Regionals. Check out the schedule on the event page and mark your calendars!

Until next time! BUDDYFIGHT!

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