BFE-S-BT07 Ace Booster Pack Vol. 7: Perfected Time Ruler
Release Date: Jan 24, 2020

Product Description
  • 5 cards in 1 pack
  • Every pack guaranteed one R or above rarity card!
  • Every box guaranteed a SECRET pack!
  • Parallel foils of commons and rares are randomly inserted.

Primary Worlds & Card Types
  • Magic / Katana / Ancient / Star Dragon / Dual Cards
  • 86 types
  • BR: 2 / SP: 4/ Secret: 15/RRR: 8 / RR: 12 / R: 15 / U: 14 / C: 16

★ ★ ★ Highlights ★ ★ ★

★ [Calling Card] ★
Arrival of the Phantom Thieves!

Execute a battlefield heist with the brand new attribute for Magic World, [Phantom Thief Drago]!

Turn your opponent’s cards into “treasures”, and activate showstopping abilities!!

★ Revival! ★
Old Buddies Return!

Key monsters from past boosters return with upgraded abilities while retaining their original illustrations!

Relive the charm of Buddyfight again with your Buddies from seasons past!!

★ Return of the two Aces! ★

Subaru Hoshiyomi & Star Dragon World;

Masato Rikuo & Ancient Dragon World!

These Aces return to the stage with strengthened decks,and their Buddies are evolving…?!

★ Tons of Supporting Cards! ★

For Kei Jinguji, whose never-before-seen deck will be revealed in SS03, “The End Zero”!

Kei’s story will be released on the official website in late Nov!

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