BFE-S-SS01A Buddy Ragnarok
Release Date: Sep 25th, 2020

Product Description
  • 172 cards (1 copy of each) included in each set!
  • All cards are RR or above!
  • Some reissued cards will return with new illustration and Super Rare (SR) treatment!!

Primary Worlds & Card Types
  • Included Worlds: Dragon / Magic / Star Dragon / Ancient / Dungeon / Danger / Darkness Dragon / Katana / Hero / Legend / Lost / Hundred Demons / the Chaos
  • Total: 172 types (Reissue 8 types)
    SR: 18 / SP: 16/ RRR: 84 / RR: 54
    *Specifications are subject to change

★ ★ ★ Highlights ★ ★ ★

★ Ace characters reunite! ★

Decks including《G・EVO》,《Dimension Dragon》,《Astrodragon》,《Linkdragon Orders》,《Godpunk》,《Electrodeity》,《Folktale》,《Dragonblood Sect》, 《Drametal》and《MAX Dragon》are getting power-ups!

Of course, the ever-popular Lost World will be greatly enhanced!

Raise your flag to the next level with these new cards!

★ All cards are high-rarity ★

Gao’s buddies(Drum, Bal, Batzz) and Tasuku’s buddy, Jack will also be included with the classic illustration and brand new abilities!

Raise your flag to the next level!

★ All cards will be included! ★

All cards from the Japanese version of S-SP02 & S-SP03 will be included as RR or above! Get your hands on all of the card from just one set!

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