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Trial deck - X Trial Deck Vol. 2: Ruler of Havoc

Card No. Card Name Card Type World Q&A
X-TD02/0001EN The Manufactured Havoc, Geargod VII Monster the Chaos ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0002EN CHAOS Highlow Monster Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0003EN CHAOS Managarmr Monster Legend World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0004EN CHAOS Jabberwock Monster Legend World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0005EN CHAOS Aesculapius Monster Legend World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0006EN CHAOS Garjion Monster Danger World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0007EN CHAOS Sekitetsu Monster Katana World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0008EN CHAOS Gorgas Monster Magic World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0009EN Electron Disorder Spell Katana World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0010EN One Who Comes From Havoc Spell Legend World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0011EN CHAOS Corrosion Spell Legend World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0012EN Chaos Energy Spell Legend World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0013EN Chaos Defenser Spell Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0014EN Chaos Ejecter Item Ancient World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0015EN Chaos Absorber Item Legend World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0016EN Forced Global Shutdown Impact Legend World ≫ Q&A
X-TD02/0017EN the Chaos Flag the Chaos ≫ Q&A

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