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PR card - Promotional Cards

Card No. Card Name Card Type World Q&A
BCS2018/BF Gargantua Dragon, "Gattling Mode" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
BCS2019/BF-01 STAGE OF SHINE☆ Ancient World ≫ Q&A
BCS2019/BF-02 Vile Demonic Arms, Lostless Wall Lost World ≫ Q&A
BCS2019/BF-03 Speed Dashing! Garga "SD" & Gardog Dragon World ≫ Q&A
BCS2019/BF-04 Dimension Dragon, Deacae Dragon World ≫ Q&A
BSF2019/BF-01 Recover Veil Generic ≫ Q&A
BSF2019/BF-02 Dimension Dragon, Ankos Dragon World ≫ Q&A
BSF2019/BF-03 Black-White Armor Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0000EN Drum Bunker Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0001EN Dragon World Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0002EN Danger World Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0003EN Magic World Magic World ≫ Q&A
PR/0004EN Damocles Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0005EN Lightning Strike Dragon Garjion Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0006EN Green Dragon Knights "Song of Ancient Lands" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0007EN Gargantua Punisher!! Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0008EN Dragon Hear Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0009EN Evil Spirit Leader, Kimaris Magic World ≫ Q&A
PR/0010EN Axe Head Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0011EN Anger Fist Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0012EN Bloody Card Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0013EN Twinblade Dragon, Double Zase Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0014EN Armorknight Wisp Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0015EN Purgatory Ninja, Zankyo Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0016EN Phalanx Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0017EN Katana World Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0018EN Flash-strike Ninja, Zanryu Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0019EN Windmill Knives, Mooncircle Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0020EN Armorknight Giraffa Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0021EN Maximum Skill, Breaking Flames Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0022EN Ancient World Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0023EN Dragonic Punisher Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0024EN Drum Bunker Dragon "10000" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0025EN Armorknight Red Dragon Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0026EN Dragowizard Medium Magic World ≫ Q&A
PR/0027EN Burning Lance Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0028EN Dragon Knight, Wittmann Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0029EN Noble Thief Ninja, Nezumijiro Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0030EN Flame Strike Deity, Agosbruch Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0031EN Wrath Trigger Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0032EN Master Skeleton Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0033EN Fire Wall Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0034EN Systemic Sword Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0035EN Brave of the Sun, Gao Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0036EN Blade Axe Gewitter Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0037EN Dungeon World Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0038EN Demon Way, Oborogenbu Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0039EN Green Dragon Shield Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0040EN Iron Fortress Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0041EN Jackknife "10000" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0042EN Darkness Dragon World Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0043EN Legend World Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0044EN Windwrath Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0045EN Violent Dragon, Magnagran Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0046EN Treasure Hunter, Paruko Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0047EN Hiding Sword Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0048EN Armorknight Harty Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0049EN This Strike, Shall Determine the Fate of the World! Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0050EN Valkyrie, Assault Cara Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0051EN Black Dragon, El Huracan Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0052EN Death Ruler, Efy Altis Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0053EN Wicked Dragon of Fabrication, Demonica Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0054EN Makings of a Great Dragon Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0055EN Black Dragon, Dientes Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0056EN Tsukikage, Giant Shield Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0057EN Witch of Mischief, Iris the Trickster Magic World ≫ Q&A
PR/0058EN Dragon World Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0059EN Magic World Magic World ≫ Q&A
PR/0060EN Katana World Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0061EN Darkness Dragon World Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0062EN Blue Sky Knights, Valona Haken Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0063EN Dragon Knight, Juutilainen Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0064EN Valkyrie, Salvation Eir Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0065EN Demon Kid, Hiunmaru Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0066EN Purgatory Knights, Troubadour Dragon Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0067EN Arise, Knights of Blood Oath Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0068EN Dragon Knight, Tutankhamun Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0069EN Ice Deity Shield, Svalinn Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0070EN Crimson Battler, Ignited Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0071EN Armorknight Little Drake Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0072EN Sole-Path Dragon Emperor, Onystreet Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0073EN Schedar Cassiopeia Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0074EN Rescue Dragon, Metamorph Effect Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0075EN I Knew Something Like This Would Happen… Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0076EN Blaster Tornado, Roaring Red Dragon Lord Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0077EN Great Spell Finisher, Colossal Flame Sword, Laevatein Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0078EN Round-Shield Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0079EN Purgatory Knights, Underblade Dragon Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0080EN Super Armordragon, Gran Railgun Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0081EN Explosive Dragon, Revolve Burst Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0082EN Scorching Crimson Battler, Drum Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0083EN Destruction Dragon Emperor, Gatastol Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0084EN Valkyrie, Brilliant Brynhildr Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0085EN Purgatory Knights, Angry Hand Dragon Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0086EN Fervent Investigator, Decker Drum Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0087EN Super Deformed Drum Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0088EN Fire Armored Mech, Dynamizer Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0089EN Gargantua Punisher!! Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0090EN Steel-blooded Dragon, Gavaldine Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0091EN Demon Lord, Joker Grunwald Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0092EN Lightspeed Express X-Blazer Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0093EN Drum Bunker Dragon, "Father" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0094EN Super Armordragon, Gattling Blaster Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0095EN Golcrash Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0096EN Crazed Surging Waves, Makaizou Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0097EN Perseus Algol Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0098EN Mega Particle, Aero Soul Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0099EN Buddy Lights Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0100EN Crimson Battler, Splendor Needle Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0101EN Dragon Knight, Kojiro Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0102EN Strength Summoner, Kotenso Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0103EN Fairy Land Shoemaker, Leprechaun Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0104EN Dragonarms, Talnada Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0105EN Buddy Recall Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0106EN Shatter Thoughts Dragon, Memory Grave Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0107EN Smile Charm Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0108EN Grand Calibur, Fullgunes Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0109EN Rescue Dragon, Seven Ranger Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0110EN Leave This to Me and Go on! Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0111EN Hero World - ≫ Q&A
PR/0112EN Purgatory Knights, Curse Falx Dragon Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0113EN Star Guardian, Jackknife "Full Burst" Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0114EN Death Ruler Daredevil Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0115EN Evil Deity Evil Demon, Goku Yamigedo - ≫ Q&A
PR/0116EN I Cannot Afford to Lose! Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0118EN "Awakened" Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0119EN Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Drunk Sword Sho Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0120EN Emblem of Omni Lords Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0121EN Super Tough! Asmodai Magic World ≫ Q&A
PR/0122EN Battle Deity Robo, Dark Wolf Generic ≫ Q&A
PR/0125EN The Law, Gairaplus Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0126EN Red-eyed Succubus Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0127EN Dragonic Heatup Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0128EN Jackknife Drum Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0129EN Purgatory Knights, Eraser Hand Dragon Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0130EN Rising Flare, "Heat Edge" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0131EN Armorknight Behemoth Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0132EN Purgatory Knights, Long-katana Dragon Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0133EN Dragonarms, Labyrinthus Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0134EN The Hardworking Fairies Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0135EN Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum the Punisher Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0136EN Jackknife, "Overwrite" Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0137EN Unarmed Brawl Dragon Emperor, Leadbangers Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0138EN Future Dragon, Drum the Neo Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0139EN Fifth Omni Blade Dragon Lord, Jackknife "Emperor" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0140EN Hero World - ≫ Q&A
PR/0141EN Star Dragon World - ≫ Q&A
PR/0142EN Dragon Ein - ≫ Q&A
PR/0143EN Parade of the Hundred Demons - ≫ Q&A
PR/0144EN Demon Musician, Amdukias Magic World ≫ Q&A
PR/0145EN Scramble Crossnize Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0146EN Star Dragon of Hope, Jackknife "Aster" Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0147EN INV Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Hellfire Drum Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0148EN Ruler of Hundred Demons, O-Yamigedo - ≫ Q&A
PR/0149EN Aspiration Existence, Bal Dragon & Jackknife Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0150EN Passing the Baton! Bal Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0151EN Passing the Baton! Drum Bunker Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0152EN Bal Dragon, "Bal Rising!" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0153EN Jackknife "Gold Ritter" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0154EN Demonic Demise Dragon, Azi Dahaka Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0155EN Twin Demon Dragon, Zahhak Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0156EN Dragon Throne Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0157EN Demonic Demise Sword, Aqulta Gwaneff Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0158EN Meramera Blade Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0159EN Abygale, "Beyond the Veil" Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0160EN Wakey☆Thump SHOOTER Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0161EN Jackknife, "Neo Aggressor" Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0162EN Daredevil, "Soul Crusher" Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0163EN Abygale, "Deadly Oblivion" Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0164EN Lightkeeper Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0165EN Fifth Omni Sky Dragon Lord, Kaizer Drum "Roar" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0166EN Bal Dragon, "Change! Impact Monster!" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0167EN Jackknife, "Exceed Arms!" Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0168EN Blue Dragon Shield Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0169EN Green Dragon Shield Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0170EN Black Dragon Shield Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0171EN Earth Barrier Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0172EN Super Clash! Bal Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0173EN Super Clash! Duel Jaeger Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0174EN Restoration Ninja, Zenjin 忍者 ≫ Q&A
PR/0175EN Death Bringer Black Dragon, Abygale Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0179EN Divine Guardians - ≫ Q&A
PR/0180EN Searing Executioners - ≫ Q&A
PR/0181EN Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0182EN Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0183EN Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0184EN Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0185EN Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0186EN Dragon Ein ≫ Q&A
PR/0187EN Dragon Zwei ≫ Q&A
PR/0188EN Ancient Demonic Dragon Emperor, Azi Dahaka Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0189EN Brilliance of the Twin Star, Zodiac Legend World
/ Star Legend World
≫ Q&A
PR/0190EN Unrivaled Fist, Duel Jaeger Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0191EN Jackknife, "EXAM STYLE" Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0192EN Bal Dragon, "Extreme Rage Balbarian!" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0193EN Bal Dragon "Dual Arm Bal Bunker!" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0194EN Blue Dragon Shield Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0195EN Ice Prison Emperor, Cocytus Greed Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0196EN I'm Finished with You Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0197EN Best Master and Disciple, Bal Dragon & Jackknife Dragon World
/ Star Dragon World
≫ Q&A
PR/0198EN Dragon Towards Transfiguration, Paradise Lost Dragon World
/ Darkness Dragon World
≫ Q&A
PR/0199EN Darkness Dragon World Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0200EN Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Asymmetry Dragon Jr. Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0201EN Danger World Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0202EN Dungeon World Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0203EN Dungeon World Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0204EN Hero World Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0205EN Hero World Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0206EN Dragon Zwei Dragon Zwei ≫ Q&A
PR/0207EN Descending Ruinous Deity, Dragon Lord Danger World
/ Dragon World
≫ Q&A
PR/0208EN Neo Braver, Ars Grande Star Dragon World
/ Dungeon World
≫ Q&A
PR/0209EN Mikado Family's Hooligan, Bal Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0210EN Snowy Dragon Force Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0211EN Burning Dragon Force Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0212EN Twilight Dragon Force Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0213EN Dragonarms, Castnetter Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0214EN Blue Sun, Balle Soleil Dragon World
/ Darkness Dragon World
/ Star Dragon World
≫ Q&A
PR/0215EN Deity of the Sun, Balle Soleil Dragon World
/ Darkness Dragon World
/ Star Dragon World
≫ Q&A
PR/0216EN Dark Sun, Azi Dahaka "Daeva" Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0217EN Buddyfight Triple T "Hanako Mikado" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0218EN Buddyfight Triple T "Rouga Aragami" Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0219EN Buddyfight Triple T "Suzuha Amanosuzu" Magic World ≫ Q&A
PR/0220EN Buddyfight Triple T "Jin Magatsu" Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0221EN Buddyfight Triple T "Dai Kaido" Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0222EN Buddyfight Triple T "Kazane Fujimiya" Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0223EN Buddyfight Triple T "Noboru Kodo" Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0224EN Buddyfight Triple T "Kiri Hyoryu" Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0225EN Buddyfight Triple T "Sophia Sakharov" Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0226EN Buddyfight Triple T "Davide Yamazaki" Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0227EN Buddyfight Triple T "J Genesis" Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0228EN Buddyfight Triple T "Gara" Legend World
/ Star Dragon World
≫ Q&A
PR/0229EN Dragon Force, "Style of Partner" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0230EN Cavalry Dragon of Sorcery, Guldrod Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0231EN Rescue Dragon, Fire Brigade Dragon World
/ Hero World
≫ Q&A
PR/0232EN Red Crystal Dragon, Idared Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0233EN Conflagration Karma of Primeval, "Bloody Diagram" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0234EN Conflagration Karma of Future, "Garnet Diagram" Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0235EN Katana World Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0236EN Dungeon World Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0237EN Combat Medic, Rovre Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0238EN Apex of Ambush Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0239EN Buff Grinder Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0240EN Maximal Resistance! Duel Jaeger Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0241EN Batzz X Select Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0242EN Selection of Athora Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0243EN Fire Deity Cavalry Dragon, Ameno Kaguzuchi Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0244EN Dragonarms, Radiant Kanone Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0245EN Bal Dragon, "Gold Bal Shine!" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0246EN Meteorarms, Gravidirge Legend World
/ Star Dragon World
≫ Q&A
PR/0247EN Shinobi from Dragon Village, Gyokuryu Dragon World
/ Katana World
≫ Q&A
PR/0248EN Daredevil, "Return" Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0249EN Moonlight Envoy, Moon Mask Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0250EN Wind Demon, Alra Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0251EN Demon Way, Blood-sucking Bird Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0252EN Daredevil, "Salamander Dragon" Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0253EN Balle Soleil, "Bal-Blaster the Final" Star Dragon World
/ Dragon World
/ Darkness Dragon World
≫ Q&A
PR/0254EN Darkness Healing Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0255EN Demon Lord Unleashed, Batzz Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0256EN Dazzling Quintessence Crystal, Athora Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0257EN Control Armament, Geargod VII Chaos ≫ Q&A
PR/0258EN Confidence Max, Batzz Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0259EN Dragon World Dragon W ≫ Q&A
PR/0260EN Hundred Demons Parade Hundred Demons Parade ≫ Q&A
PR/0261EN Star Dragon World Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0262EN Darkness Dragon World Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0263EN Summer Recollection 2017, "Bug Catching Contest!" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0264EN Summer Recollection 2017, "Poolside Youths" Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0265EN Summer Recollection 2017, "Zanya or Watermelon Splitting!" Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0266EN Summer Recollection 2017, "Quiet Days" Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0267EN Summer Recollection 2017, "Scream! The Scariest Courage Test!" Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0268EN Summer Recollection 2017, "Best View! Fireworks Contest!" Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0269EN Summer Recollection 2017, "Field of Sunflowers" Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0270EN Summer Recollection 2017, "Summer Muscle Thanksgiving!" Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0271EN Famed Veteran General, Adalbart Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0272EN Daredevil Force Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0273EN Fake Dragon Chief, Crimson Arrogant Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0274EN Pre-emptive Strike! Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0275EN Demons Assassin, Ziogre Katana World
/ Hero World
≫ Q&A
PR/0276EN Quinq Lada Air Combat Lightweight Frame Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0277EN Sealed Black Crest Dragon, Alrage Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0278EN Thunder X Shredder Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0279EN Skilled General, Odysseus Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0280EN Dungeon World Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0281EN Legend World Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0282EN Hero World Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0283EN Star Dragon World Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0284EN Divine Guardians Divine Guardians ≫ Q&A
PR/0285EN Searing Executioners Searing Executioners ≫ Q&A
PR/0286EN Dragon World Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0287EN Batzz the Thunderstorm Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0288EN Quintessence of Sapience, Geargod VII Chaos ≫ Q&A
PR/0289EN Prehistoric Archae-gollum Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0290EN Daredevil "Breaker" Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0291EN Golden Thunder Emperor, Barlbatzz Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0292EN Saint Sword Release! Saint Holy Sword Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0293EN Dragonification Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0294EN Crystal Dragon Brilliance, Athora Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0295EN Prism Coating Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0296EN Mimosa "SD" Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0297EN Ruler of Sea, Rahab Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0298EN Absolute Armor Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0299EN CHAOS Emgreim Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0300EN Twin Swords Dragon, Andorochi Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0301EN Body of Dark Arms, Kid Ibuki Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0302EN Adventure Lord, Cube the Adventurer Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0303EN Golden Crystal Dragon, Athora Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0304EN Gate of Darkness Dragon Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0305EN Obstruct Generic ≫ Q&A
PR/0306EN Sword of the King, Excalibur Legend World ≫ Q&A
PR/0307EN Blue Dragon Shield Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0308EN Picador Laser Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0309EN Hades Flame Style, Art of Fire Manipulation Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0310EN Fervid Flame Aura! Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0311EN Breaching Dragon Sword, Batzz Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0312EN Enter The Dragon Ancient World ≫ Q&A
PR/0313EN Wiebly the Phantasmagoric Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0314EN Fuuton, Sweeping Whirlwind Katana World ≫ Q&A
PR/0315EN Lightning Riser Ball Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0316EN Dark Black Sun Dragon, Black Bal Dragon Dragon World
/ Darkness Dragon World
≫ Q&A
PR/0317EN Chess Magic Generic ≫ Q&A
PR/0318EN Autodeity's Masterpiece, CHAOS Batzz Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0319EN Fake Out! Magic World ≫ Q&A
PR/0320EN Killer Order Generic ≫ Q&A
PR/0321EN Buddy Option Generic ≫ Q&A
PR/0322EN Furious Batzz "SD" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0323EN Prism Pillar Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0324EN Infector Magic World ≫ Q&A
PR/0325EN Great Warlock's Disciple, Zessica Magic World ≫ Q&A
PR/0326EN Sun's Bond, Bal Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0327EN Destructive Tiger Dragon, Tyrant Tiger Drake Danger World ≫ Q&A
PR/0328EN Quinq Lada II, New Armor Test Frame Hero World ≫ Q&A
PR/0329EN Mikazuchi Knight, Rebellious Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0330EN Darkdeity Dragon, Jamjammer Sahasham Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0331EN Best Buddies Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0332EN Dragon Force Liberation Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0333EN Buddyfight "The 3rd Anniversary" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0334EN Mera Blade, "Giga Mera Barimera Blaaaaade!!" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0335EN Demon Lord and Sun, Batzz & Bal Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0336EN Double Saint Holy Sword Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0337EN Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Merak "SD" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
PR/0338EN Autodeity Army Pro, CHAOS Gao Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/001EN Garga "SD" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/002EN Deity Green Dragon Shield Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/003EN Gung Gardra Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/004EN Gargantua Dragon, "Crush Mode" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/005EN Shining Cross Astrologia Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/006EN Rising Thundercry, Agito Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/007EN Little Deity, Garga "SD" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/008EN Deity Dragon Illusory Ice Blades Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/009EN Govern Dragon, Baton Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/010EN Earnest, Enpi Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/011EN Gustul Gardra Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/012EN Guygis Gardra Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/013EN Edict: Back to Battle Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/014EN Wicked Tongue, Tantan Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/015EN Daredevil, "Crimson" Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/016EN Topfist Vainglory, Brawlzeus Danger World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/017EN "First Style Coldwind, Snow Skies" Ilona Gulayev Hero World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/018EN Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/019EN Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/020EN Danger World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/021EN Katana World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/022EN Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/023EN Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/024EN Hero World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/025EN Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/026EN Scariest Stare! Danger World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/027EN Kagura Divine Wall Katana World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/028EN Caliburn Gardra Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/029EN Domestic Helper, Alenti Dungeon ≫ Q&A
S-PR/030EN Grandmaster Cane Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/031EN Crazed Girl Deity, Gothiris Danger World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/032EN Drum Bunker Dragon "2018" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/033EN Demon Lord Dragon, Batzz "2018" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/034EN Sun Dragon, Bal Dragon "2018" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/035EN Jackknife Dragon "2018" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/036EN Wehr Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/037EN Buddy Block! Generic ≫ Q&A
S-PR/038EN † Soot Shackles † Black Chain Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/039EN Vanity Destruct Vanish Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/040EN Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/041EN Magic World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/042EN Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/043EN Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/044EN Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/045EN Hero World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/046EN Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/047EN Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/048EN Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/049EN Gargantua Dragon, "Punisher Mode" Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/050EN Holy Magic Magic World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/051EN Cosmo Scarf!! Hero World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/052EN Sorcery Deity Dragon, Animasel Magic World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/053EN Combat Deity Great Hero Dragon, Gargantua Kaizer Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/054EN Dimension Cruelty Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/055EN King: Order the Pawn Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/056EN Regeneration Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/057EN Fusion Assist Katana World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/058EN Sharpshooter, Shidane Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/059EN Notify: Hologram Tactics Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/060EN Nihility Vanguard, Vanity Epoch Destroyer Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/061EN Black Dragon Knight, Lzam Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/062EN "Friendship Blade" Deity Creations Fangflare, Gargantua Punisher!! Dragon world ≫ Q&A
S-PR/063EN Garga Drive Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/064EN Mix-up Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/065EN Diliculum Pantheon Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/066EN Guardian Electrobeast, Micott Katana World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/067EN Big Blast, Sousou Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/068EN Govern Dragon, Esca Shan Stardragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/069EN Vanity Drive Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/070EN Awakened Deity Dragon, Gardog Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/071ENA Detective Conan ≫ Q&A
S-PR/071ENB Detective Conan ≫ Q&A
S-PR/072EN Awakened Deity Dragon, Gustul Gardra Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/073EN Golden Bullet, Thwackdrill Danger World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/074EN Biggest Dragonarms, CHAOS Triple Buster Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/075EN Buddy Trust! Generic ≫ Q&A
S-PR/076EN Holy Wehr Dragon ≫ Q&A
S-PR/077EN BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO ≫ Q&A
S-PR/078EN BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO ≫ Q&A
S-PR/079EN BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO ≫ Q&A
S-PR/080EN BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO ≫ Q&A
S-PR/081EN BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO ≫ Q&A
S-PR/084EN Foreseer of the Sky, Shamseiya Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/085EN Diablos Pressure Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/086EN White Crystal Dragon, Calme Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/087EN Promise of Rainbow Generic ≫ Q&A
S-PR/088EN Mermaid Princess, Reene Dungeon World ≫ Q&A
S-PR/089EN -Ancient Crest Wall- Jeu De Raan Legend World ≫ Q&A

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