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Extra pack / Extra booster - Ace Ultimate Booster Cross Vol. 5 SSSS.GRIDMAN

Card No. Card Name Card Type World Q&A
S-UB-C05/0001EN Gridman (Primal Fighter) [Gridman] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0002EN Yuta Hibiki [Yuta Hibiki] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0003EN Akane Shinjo [Akane Shinjo] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0004EN Rikka Takarada [Rikka Takarada] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0005EN World Like a Dream ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0006EN Rikka's Request ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0007EN Samurai Calibur [Samurai Calibur] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0008EN Max [Max] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0009EN Borr [Borr] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0010EN Vit [Vit] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0011EN Anti (Human Form) [Anti] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0012EN Alexis Kerib [Alexis] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0013EN Sho Utsumi [Sho Utsumi] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0014EN Amidst Memories ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0015EN What Each Person Must Do ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0016EN Access Flash ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0017EN Instance Abreaction ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0018EN Pulling the Plug ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0019EN Full Powered Gridman [Gridman] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0020EN Gridman [Gridman] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0021EN Giant Alexis Kerib [Alexis] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0022EN Powered Zenon [Powered Zenon] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0023EN ****Kaiju, Anonymous B [Anonymous B] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0024EN Self Constraining Kaiju, Zegga [Zegga] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0025EN Gridknight [Gridknight] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0026EN Perseverance Kaiju, Anti (Kaiju Form) [Anti] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0027EN Horde Kaiju, Bujack [Bujack] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0028EN Everyone, dish it out! ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0029EN Akane's Declaration of War ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0030EN The Insanity Known As Delight ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0031EN You're Not a Kaiju ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0032EN Special Dog ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0033EN God's Story ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0034EN Awakening ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0035EN Transform! Gridman! ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0036EN Making Kaiju ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0037EN Troublesome Kaiju, Go'yavec [Go'yavek] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0038EN Max Gridman [Gridman] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0039EN Buster Gridman [Gridman] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0040EN Sky Gridman [Gridman] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0041EN Revenge Kaiju, Mecha Ghoulghilas [Ghoulghilas] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0042EN Sexual Kaiju, Gonglee [Gonglee] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0043EN Malice Kaiju, Diriver [Diriver] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0044EN Karma Kaiju, Devadadan [Devadadan] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0045EN Bombast Kaiju, Ghoulghilas [Ghoulghilas] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0046EN ****Kaiju, Anonymous A [Anonymous A] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0047EN Battle Tracto Max [Battle Tracto Max] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0048EN Buster Borr [Buster Borr] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0049EN Sky Vitter [Sky Vitter] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0050EN Kaiju Girl Anosillus the 2nd [Anosillus] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0051EN Inherited Glass Bead ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0052EN Heart Driven Into a Corner ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0053EN Special Signature to Save a Soul ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0054EN Junk ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0055EN JUNK SHOP Aya ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0056EN Gridman Calibur ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0057EN Primal Accepter ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0058EN Grid Beam ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/0059EN Grid Fixer Beam ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/S001EN Gridman (Primal Fighter) [Gridman] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/S002EN Akane Shinjo [Akane Shinjo] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/S003EN Rikka Takarada [Rikka Takarada] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/S004EN World Like a Dream ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/S005EN Rikka's Request ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SR01EN Yuta Hibiki [Yuta Hibiki] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SR02EN Sho Utsumi [Sho Utsumi] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SR03EN Akane Shinjo [Akane Shinjo] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SR04EN Rikka Takarada [Rikka Takarada] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SR05EN Samurai Calibur [Samurai Calibur] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SR06EN Max [Max] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SR07EN Borr [Borr] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SR08EN Vit [Vit] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SR09EN Access Flash ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SR10EN Instance Abreaction ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SR11EN Amidst Memories ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SR12EN What Each Person Must Do ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SS001EN Gridman (Primal Fighter) [Gridman] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SS002EN Akane Shinjo [Akane Shinjo] ≫ Q&A
S-UB-C05/SS003EN Rikka Takarada [Rikka Takarada] ≫ Q&A

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