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Booster pack - S Climax Booster Pack Vol. 2: Violence Vanity

Card No. Card Name Card Type World Q&A
S-CBT02/0001EN Invasion from the Deep and Vile Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0002EN † Huskblood Eyes † Deadly Eyes Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0003EN D. End Bringer Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0004EN A Bewitching Crimson Mirage. Sync Magic World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0005EN Stout Gold Steelframe, KUROGANE Katana World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0006EN Archangel Dragon, Raphael Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0007EN Glory of Heavens Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0008EN Olektius Origenes Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0009EN † Foul Snoop † Deep Lurker Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0010EN Dimension Dragon, Katathli Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0011EN Almighty Overlord, Zerberos Lost Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0012EN Maxim of Absolute Strength Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0013EN Angel Troop, Exousia Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0014EN Angelic Radiance Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0015EN Deathraider Orven Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0016EN Lostknight: Nero Schiltlance Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0017EN Knowledge Wave Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0018EN Meren Kosgaard Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0019EN Dimension Zeggaine Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0020EN Vile Demonic Particles, Lostless Heizer Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0021EN Despair D. Raider Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0022EN 《Dragon Hour Execution》 Dragion Judge Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0023EN King of Da★Dan Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0024EN Primitive Power, Zerberos Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0025EN Exsteed,"Black Crown" Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0026EN Mystic Girl, Hanako Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0027EN Archangel Dragon, Urityss Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0028EN Angel Troop, Lykris Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0029EN Highest Authority Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0030EN Sacred Holy Grail Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0031EN Holy Wish Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0032EN Deathraider Tzricalla Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0033EN Venom Pain Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0034EN Rook: Viola Sword Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0035EN Declaration Check Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0036EN Double Check Tactics Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0037EN Ker Phobmand Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0038EN Distortion Wall Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0039EN Dimension Dragon, Phobos Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0040EN Dimension Dragon, Effesla Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0041EN † Moon Fanatic † Madness Luna Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0042EN D. Quake Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0043EN 《Red Wave》 Scarlet Finger Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0044EN Dragonic Force Field Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0045EN † Bogus Purpose † Fake Heart Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0046EN Dimensional Heritage, Enerdios Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0047EN Selector of SIN Magic World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0048EN Fusion Style Training Grounds, KAZIBA Katana World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0049EN Fortune Favors The Dragons Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0050EN Indestructible Domilord Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0051EN Angel Troop, Virte Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0052EN Angel Troop, Rivan Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0053EN Angel Troop, Lyntis Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0054EN Angel Troop, Taxe Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0055EN Angelic Charge Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0056EN Cleansing Judgment Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0057EN Circle of Reflect Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0058EN Sword of the King, Dainsleif Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0059EN Divine Cane, Massfortune Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0060EN Hel-Deathraider Calwana Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0061EN Deathraider Dizmal Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0062EN Venom Bind Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0063EN Venom Spell Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0064EN Venom Swamp Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0065EN Poison Mask Darkness Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0066EN Grandmaster Crown Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0067EN Katathlubach Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0068EN Flourish of Nihility and Desperation Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0069EN Vile Demonic Deity Dragon, Vanity Epoch Destroyer Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0070EN Inummael Katarant Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0071EN Effeslay Rallface Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0072EN Dimension Wave Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0073EN Day of Devastation Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0074EN Archangel Dragon, Gavriel Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0075EN Angel Troop, Caldeen Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0076EN Angel Troop, Zeliel Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0077EN Angel Wings Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/0078EN Judgment Holy Rain Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/BR01EN Archangel Dragon, Gavriel Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/BR02EN Vile Demonic Deity Dragon, Vanity Epoch Destroyer Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/CR01EN Invasion from the Deep and Vile Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/S001EN † Huskblood Eyes † Deadly Eyes Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/S002EN Archangel Dragon, Gavriel Legend World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/S003EN A Bewitching Crimson Mirage. Sync Magic World ≫ Q&A
S-CBT02/S004EN Vile Demonic Deity Dragon, Vanity Epoch Destroyer Lost World ≫ Q&A

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