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Booster pack - S Booster Pack Vol. 4: Drago Knight

Card No. Card Name Card Type World Q&A
S-BT04/0001EN Gardragon Heiglut IV Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0002EN Dimension Dragon, Deacae Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0003EN G・BOOST Over! Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0004EN Great Dragon of Genesis, Bigbang Dragon Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0005EN Swordflash, Goeh-goeh Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0006EN Genesis Pulsation Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0007EN Guardseer Dragon, Gyron Magna Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0008EN Aquinas Dogma Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0009EN Evolution Cyres, Vellute Dragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0010EN Awakened Deity Dragon, Gardog Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0011EN D. Aura Burst Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0012EN YEAH! HIKARU☆ Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0013EN IT'S SHOWTIME☆ Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0014EN LDO's Lunch Time Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0015EN Cross Pair Slash Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0016EN Star Jack Revival Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0017EN Crystallization Phenomenon Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0018EN Buddy Block! Generic ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0019EN Dimension Ruin Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0020EN Vile Demonic Arms, Lostless Wall Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0021EN Awakened Deity Dragon, Garcat Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0022EN Gargantua Gate Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0023EN Combat Deity Dragon Shield - Base - Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0024EN Deity Creations Fangflare, Gargantua Punisher!! Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0025EN D. Zenith Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0026EN Darkshadow, Genji Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0027EN Right Arm of Genesis, Rightes Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0028EN Left Arm of Genesis, Leftes Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0029EN Linkdragon Order's Links Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0030EN Proclaim: Steer the Stars Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0031EN Skyseer Rising Light Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0032EN Formation Clear Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0033EN Celesphere Decision Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0034EN "Fallen Fang" Orcaliner Odorio Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0035EN Dimension Gain Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0036EN Awakened Deity Dragon, Kuhler Gardragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0037EN Awakened Deity Dragon, Wildt Gardra Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0038EN Awakened Deity Dragon, Genie Gardra Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0039EN Awakened Deity Dragon, Garbird Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0040EN Road to Champion ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0041EN Dimensional Secret Treasure, Mnesia Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0042EN Weather the Dragons Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0043EN Genesis Tenacity Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0044EN Resonance of Bonds Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0045EN Linkblast Chain, Agito Mines Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0046EN Asteros Star Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0047EN Linkdragon Order Secret Arts, Thunderbomb Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0048EN Star Jack Docking Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0049EN Ivory Barrier Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0050EN Awakened Deity Dragon, Scubert Gardragon Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0051EN Dimension Dragon, Dolor Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0052EN Dimension Dragon, Gelidus Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0053EN Awakened Deity Dragon, Fel Gardra Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0054EN Gar-Beaver Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0055EN Gar-Swallow Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0056EN Gar-E-Ungl Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0057EN Dragod's Breath Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0058EN Deity Dragon Beamlance, Garknight Lance Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0059EN Wicked Dragon of Fabrication, Demonica Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0060EN Jaunty, Bodolo Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0061EN Genesis Existence Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0062EN COME ON! BABY☆ Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0063EN HIKARU OF THE WORLD☆ Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0064EN Twinseer Dragon, Vee Starunner Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0065EN Twinseer Dragon, Lya Stroner Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0066EN Gargantua Knight Dragon ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0067EN Garknight Strash Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0068EN Gar-E-Burst Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0069EN Deity Dragon Duobeam, Gartwin Saber Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0070EN Deity Gargantua Crusher!! Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0071EN Skyseer Ardent Dragon, Cross Irisnese Astrologia Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0072EN Everseer Bow, Caelum Rex Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0073EN Thunderpeak Spiral Linkaxe, King Agito Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0074EN Thunderpeak Linkaxe, Agito Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0075EN Cross Intersect Star Dragon World
/Ancient World
≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0076EN Vile Demonic Husk Deity Dragon, Vanity End Destroyer Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0077EN Gargantua Lost Dragon Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0078EN Lost Cross Astrologia Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0079EN Lost Thunderaxe, Agito Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/0080EN Dimension Gate Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/BR01EN Gargantua Knight Dragon ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/BR02EN Vile Demonic Husk Deity Dragon, Vanity End Destroyer Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/S001EN Gargantua Knight Dragon ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/S002EN Skyseer Ardent Dragon, Cross Irisnese Astrologia Star Dragon World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/S003EN Thunderpeak Spiral Linkaxe, King Agito Ancient World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/S004EN Vile Demonic Husk Deity Dragon, Vanity End Destroyer Lost World ≫ Q&A
S-BT04/????EN Gargantua Knight Dragon ≫ Q&A

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